This class will utilize sensory materials and toys in most of our daily activities.

In the Fall, we'll be working on the colors the season brings. We'll  be learning about  Holidays such as Thanksgiving and the colors of leaves,  fruits, vegetables, and some other foods that come in different colors.

While at home, the students can be assisted to work on the following:

Name identification /writing activities


  1. Write/type  the student's first name on a card/iPad/computer and ask him/her to point, touch, or gaze at it (depending on the easiest mode of communication).
  2. Write the last name and follow the same sequence as in number 1 above.
  3. Add a third name and give directions for the student to select his/her first or last name as you say it.
  4. Repeat number 3 several times and reinforce student for correct responses.
  5. Provide needed support (such as holding the student's hand) to trace the letters of the first and last name on paper or type it on ipad or computer.

Counting Numerals from One to Fifteen (Depending on Individual Ability)
  1. Make two copies of each numeral.
      2. Place the numeral 1 close to the student.
      3. Say "Show me this number (1)" From two or three numbers given as options.
      4. Model by pointing at the numeral 1 or pick it up from the choices and place it next to the one right in front of the student.
      5. Let the student take a turn and continue with the other numbers that follow. 

Matching Numerals with Quantities 
1. Get a quantity of objects such as plastic spoons that match the numerals the student is able to identify.
2. Model moving number of objects next to numeral placed close to the 
     student like the numeral counting activity above. 

Identifying Common Objects at Home
1. Get a group of common objects at home such as: a spoon, fork, cup, water bottle, bowl, paper plate, ...
2. Model and then let the student identify the object when you name it.
3. Repeat for mastery and praise the student for participating.

Activity Websites
Each of the following youtube titles will take you to fun educational websites for basic skills: 
1. Starfall Reading
2. Tia and Tofu English Stories
3. The Numbers Songs
4. Counting Songs
5. Color Songs Collection
6. Parts of the Body Song
7. Science Song for Kids