Welcome to Ms. C. Davis' class page. Keep yourself safe, wash your hands, and continue to monitor the news. 

During this time at home instruction, you may find daily assignments using the calendar for your grade level. Please feel free to e-mail me if you have any questions or concerns. These assignments are for review and to keep you aware of the topics we have already covered. 

Useful Links ~used for additional activities to work on for further review. 

Files and Documents~used for additional activities and the guide for what we have covered and lessons we have not covered for each grade level. 

For 7th grade Science the topics we have covered so far this year have been: Scientific Method and Experiments- Cells & Organelles- Processes of Living Things - Genetics - Mitosis - Classification - Photosynthesis & Cellular Respiration

For 6th grade Science the topics we have covered so far this year have been: 
Solar System-Matter (Atoms)-Heat Transfer/Forms of Energy-Atmosphere 

PWCS has developed a home learning web page to provide optional resources and suggestions to assist parents with home instruction.

PWCS Home Learning Resources

*These assignments/resources are not graded and not required. Please just use them as review materials.