Hello parents, guardians, and students, 

I hope all are safe and healthy in this time of uncertainty. 

I have updated my page with all the information we have learned so far in the curriculum. 

On the side of my page, as well as embedded below, you will find the following links:
  • Educational games: This page will contain educational games/virtual field trips that are relevant to our curriculum. Some of the pages posted here will need codes. If that is the case, then the code will be posted with the link. 
  • Files and documents: This page will contain worksheets, puzzles, activities, etc. on material discussed in this class. Additionally, you will find virtual labs, educational games, and educational web pages in this area as well.
  • Calendar: This page shows a calendar of what we have learned this year. 
If there are any questions or unaddressed needs, feel free to contact me at nemerose1@pwcs.edu. 

--Ms. Nemerow

To try the virtual convection, conduction, and radiation sort, use the box below. 

Today we are studying potential and kinetic energy. To do this, we will first be launching a virtual model of a roller coaster. To find the website, click the link below. 

Virtual Roller Coaster

We are starting our space unit. Those that finish taking notes may use the computers to take a virtual tour of the solar system using the simulation below. 

Space virtual tour


For the next week, we will be working on a lab with paper airplanes. Today, we will be playing some games and experiment with folding different types of paper airplanes. 

With your partner I have chosen for you, play the following games. On a separate sheet of paper, record how far you were able to make the paper airplane fly. The team with the furthest distance for each game will win a prize.

Flight Sim X

Flight Engineer Game


Paper Airplane Creator

After playing the games, use the scratch paper to practice making paper airplanes. Use the link below to find different types of planes to make. 

Hello and welcome to an amazing school year! Any important documents will be found here, on my webpage. If you have any questions, my email is nemerose1@pwcs.edu.