When looking for updates, please scroll all the way to the bottom.  I will date each entry and put which class it is for.  I will try to alternate colors, so you can find things easier.


Dear Students and Parents,

The closure of the buildings has us all unsure of next steps.  Please continue to monitor the PWCS website for information.

BOTH CLASSES(Reading Strategies RS and Social Skills SS):
I plan to make individual folders under forms for Reading Strategies and Social Skills.  This will help you navigate the information based on which class you belong to.  I will also post updates and ideas for you in this space or on the calendar.

Periods: 4A-4B-7A

We have been directed to post standards that have been taught in class. This class is not standards based as it is a remedial class to help students develop their phonics and fluency. Comprehension is also addressed, but not the main focus.  With that in mind, I believe the best standard that fits what we have been working on is 6.4 and 7.4 "The student will read and determine the meanings of unfamiliar words and phrases within authentic text."
We have used text below grade level to help students:
-6.4b and 7.4b: 
Use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms to expand vocabulary.  
-6.4c and 7.4e: Use context and sentence structure to determine meanings and differentiate among multiple meaning words. We also have worked with one portion of 6.5 and 7.5 "The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fictional texts, literary nonfiction, and poetry. 6.5k and 7.5j: -Use reading strategies to monitor comprehension throughout the reading process.

Social Skills Class: 

Dear Parents and Students-
We have been directed to post standards that have been taught in class. This class is not standards based as it is a remedial class to help students develop their social skills and work on their IEP goals.  However, with that in mind, I feel as if 7.1 does address many of the topics and skills we address in class.
7.1- "The student will participate in and contribute to conversations, group discussions, and oral presentations."
Use a variety of strategies to listen actively and speak using agreed upon discussion rules with awareness of verbal and nonverbal cues.

7.1b-Clearly communicate ideas and information orally in an organized and succinct manner.

7.1c-Ask probing questions to seek elaboration and clarification of ideas.

7.1d-Participate in collaborative discussions with partners building on other's ideas.

7.1e-Make statements to communicate agreement or tactful disagreement with others' ideas.
7.1h-Work effectively and respectfully within diverse groups.

7.1i-Exhibit willingness to make necessary compromises to accomplish a goal.

Share responsibility for collaborative work.

Dear Students, I would find ways to practice your skills while you are at home.  Some ideas would be to ask your parents or siblings different ways you could help them with things around the house, or ask them to join into activities you find entertaining.  Play some family board games, write some letters to family members that live in other places, or Face Time/Skype with friends or family to help you keep social. You will need to get creative during this time.   Remember to watch your eye contact, your tone and volume, offer help to others.

You might want to keep a journal of your day to day activities as a record of how you spent your days.  We are all a part of history in the making.  We will remember where we were.  It will be neat look back in the future to share what you were doing.  Just a thought.

Feel free to email me at

Mrs. McCauley

March 26, 2020 (SS and RS)

1.  (RS and SS) Please check your emails.  I sent an email this morning with some information. If you did not get an email, please send me one, so I have a correct address.

2. (SS) I have added to activities to the folder in forms.  They say do the activities with classmates, but you can have the discussions with your family.  Pg. 7 --Scroll through the document.  Page 3 attached with page 7. You can do manners before the Covid-19 and manners after Covid-19.  Have these conversations with your family during dinner or family time.  

-Until the next update...stay safe. :) 

MARCH 30, 2020  Good Afternoon Bobcats!

I also set up zoom meetings for Tuesday
6th grade RS is at 1:00
7th grade RS is at 2:00
Learning Strategies is at 3:00
Check your email for the information.


APRIL 1, 2020 

If you have more questions about any technical issues when checking out library books, here is the information for some of the local libraries:

Monday - Thursday, 10:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m.

Friday and Saturday, 10:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m.
All branches will be closed on Sundays

Bull Run Regional Library: 703-792-4533

Chinn Park Regional Library: 703-792-4800

Haymarket Gainesville Community Library: 703-792-8700

Montclair Community Library: 703-792-8750

APRIL 2, 2020
Update for Reading Strategies: Stories 1-6 have been uploaded along with Workbook Pages 1-6 under documents and forms.  I would make corrections to what you need to and then send it to me in an email.  If you were absent or joined the class late, feel free to go back and complete the work; it will help raise your grade.

April 14th, 2020

Reading Strategies and Learning Acts Schedule

Monday: I will be participating with Mrs. Mitchell from 9-10:30 a.m.  This is for 7th grade Language Arts.

Monday:  I will have Reading Strategies Instruction.  I would like you to download the e-book Masterminds by Gordon Korman.  There are instructions on my web page on how to get a free copy.  My plan is to read together and discuss the book.  I also will asking you to read like we do in class, so we can work on fluency and phonics. I may assign a little outside reading for the week, so we are able to discuss what was read.

-6th Graders who want to participate will login from 1:30-2:15 p.m.
-7th Graders who want to participate will login from 2:15-3:00 p.m.

Wednesday:  I will have learning activities.  If you want to participate, you will login at 10:30 a.m. My plan for this meeting is to discuss what has gone on during the week and discuss issues and concerns that are bothering us.

12:00-1:30 I will have office hours for Language Arts, but you can email if you have questions also.

Thursday:  1:30-2:30 I will have an additional reading strategies session for 6th and 7th joined.

The school has set times for instruction and office hours, but you can always send an email.

I miss you all very much.  Take care of yourself. 
Mrs. McCauley

April 16th, 2020 
Good Afternoon Bobcats- I wanted to let you know that we will try to use TEAMS again for our meetings next week.  I will send the links out in an email.  

Please continue to try to get a copy of our book via Hoopla.

Learn Acts:   Here are some topics for you to discuss at home:
-What was your most memorable Halloween and why?
-What is the hardest thing you have ever had to do and why?
-If you were given a yacht, what would you name it?  Why? Where would you go with it, and who would you take?
-What is something that you have that is of sentimental value? Something you could not live without (not electronics).

UPDATE for RS and LActs: April 17, 2020

I wanted to say thank you for all the emails and chat messages.  I look forward to our meetings and hearing about what you have been doing.  

RS: Your day and time changed.  Check your outlook account.  Let us know if you cannot get in.  Also, all of the readings and workbook pages have been moved to TEAMS in your Office365 account.  Find Pink Book Readings and Workbook pages.

Have a great weekend.  Mrs. McC-