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Welcome back to everyone as we start the 2018-19 school year.  This year's 7th grades Social Studies Class, US history from 1865 - present, will be starting with Reconstruction The period following the Civil War and go forward to modern times.  Below is the general outline and timeline for the course.  Please feel free to  send me an email if you should have any questions or concerns.  (8/23/18) 

General Outline of Course edit delete

(Displays 8/23/18)

First Nine Weeks
Reconstruction & Segregation - The changes in society as a result of the Civil War
Westward Movement -Settling the Great Plains, the Transcontinental Railroad's impact on America's growth and
the native American population
Second Nine Weeks
Industrialization - The impact of the rise of big business on the country
Immigration - The impact to America by the arrival of Europeans in the 1880 - 1920 time period
Progressive Reform - The efforts to improve the life of most American's as a result of our growth because of
Changing Role of US through WWI - The changes in America technologically and the turn of the century and
the nations greater involvement in the international arena as a result of both the Spanish -American
War and World War I or Great War. (this unit will continue into the start of the third marking period)
Third Nine Weeks
Technological Changes of the 20th Century - A look at the Roaring 20s, women's suffrage and prohibition followed by the economic downturn and troubles of the Great Depression
American Involvement in World War II - Important battles and events of the Second World War in Europe, the
Pacific and the American home front
Fourth Nine Weeks
US & World from WWII to Present - Predominately a look at the Cold War period and our military tensions with
the Soviet Union. We will also address the current war on Terror Issues in the 2nd Half of the 20th Century - The Civil Rights and Women's rights movements will both be addressed along with the technological advances of the last few decades

This is just a brief overview of the items we will be looking at this year. As the year progresses I will be providing more detailed information in the files to be reviewed.