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Welcome to Mr. Young's 8th grade Civics and Economics class page!

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“Files and Documents”
         Each marking period will have an updated file folder under “Files and Documents” with document files from this school year. Assignments and other activities for material covered.


         We began the year covering the American Revolution and the forming of the Constitution. Then we covered the different levels of government, political processes, and the judicial system  The next units covered standards with topics like the Citizenship and Economics.

Standards covered before March 12th 

Constitutional Foundations

2a) Fundamental Principles of Gov’t

2b) Significant Documents

Political Processes

6a) Structure of Gov’t (Overview only)

6b) Separation of Powers (Overview only)

5a) Functions of Political Parties

5b) Political Parties Similarities & Differences

5c) Analyzing Political Campaigns

5d) Role of Campaign Contributions

5e) Voter Registration & Participation

5f) Role of Electoral College

Constitutional Foundations

2c) Purposes for Constitution

2d) Amending the Constitution

Knowledge of Constitutional Government

6a) Structure of Gov’t

6b) Separation of Powers

6d) Roles & Power of Executive

7a) Structure & Power of State Gov’t

8a) Structure & Power of Local Gov’t

7b) Federalism: State - National

8b) Federalism: Local - State

6c, 7c, 8c) Simulate Lawmaking Process

7d) State Executive

Judicial Systems

9a) Organization & Jurisdiction of Courts

9b) Exercise of Judicial Review

9c) Proceedings in Civil & Criminal Cases

9d) Due Processes

Standards still to be covered.


3a) Processes for Citizenship

3b) First Amendment Freedoms

3c) Duties of Citizenship

3d) Responsibilities of Citizenship

3e) Addressing Community Need

4a-g) Personal Character Traits

Economic Decision-Making

11a) Economic Concepts

11b) Economic Systems

12b) Supply and Demand

Structure and Operation of US Economy

12a) Characteristics of the US Economy

12c) Business Organizations

12d) Economic (circular) flow

12e) Private financial institutions

12f) Relationships to Global Economy

Role of Government in US Economy

13a) Competition in the Marketplace

13b) Public Goods & Services

13c) Taxation

13d) Federal Reserve System

13e) Protection of Consumer Rights

13f) Creating Currency

If you are interested in any of the topics covered during the school year, or any that weren’t covered, feel free to find some activities on your own! Below is a list of available activities that you could do on your own!

  • Read the online textbook!
  • IXL (Social studies modules!! So many topics!)
  • Youtube – Crash Course, Oversimplified, Hip Hughes History
  • Review games listed below!

**8th Graders – I recommend using IXL and other resources to review some social studies to prepare yourselves for World History in 9th grade.**