Welcome to Mrs. Fields-Howard's 8th Grade Math

*Updated 04/13/2020*
Grading policy and learning material have been uploaded into distance learning folder. Each week new material will be posted to the folder.

*Updated 03/23/2020*
Distance learning material can be found under your subject Math 8 "Files and Documents" folder and is inside the folder labeled 00 - Distance Learning.

Greetings and Salutations, my name is Mrs. Fields Howard. I have a Bachelor's and Master's in Mathematics from ECSU. This is my first year at Beville Middle School and second year with PWCS. This year I will be teaching Math 8.

     If students do not understand materials in class, it is suggested that they use other resources that might explain the material differently. There are several links under the Useful Links tab that provide material explanation and/or additional practice. Many schools and educators also post instructional videos to YouTube. To stay after school I request that you make arrangements in advance to make sure I do not have meetings or obligations to attend.

      Each students grades can be found in Student Vue/Parent Portal. 

     I try to stay up to date with the calendar however, it is subject to change because of school closings and other events. At the end of every unit we normally have a day to review then a day to test. Inside the classroom I have the date of upcoming Quizzes/Tests posted on a whiteboard as well as homework assignments, the agenda, and the standards/objectives.