Update from 8 LA classes

Check the file "Week 1 Choice Board" under "Files and Documents" and "8th grade". Choose three options and do the activities. Turn them in.


Update from Mrs. Sharper

Greetings, some families have expressed that they may not have high-speed internet access at home. If you have a cell phone, your carrier may have provided you with additional hotspot data for free, in response to the COVID-19 pandemic. Please check with your cell phone provider to see what options are available to you.

Saludos,algunas familias han expresado que no tienen acceso a internet de alta velocidad en casa. Si usted tiene un teléfono celular, es posible que su proveedor le haya proporcionado datos de puntos de acceso adicionales en forma gratitua, con respeto a la pandemia de COVID-19. Por favor consulte con su proveedor de celular para ver qué opciones tienen disponible para usted.

Verizon Wireless - Link to Verizon Wireless Covid 19

AT&T - Link to ATT Connected Together

Sprint - Link to Sprint Covid-19

T-Mobile - Link to T-mobile Covid-19-updates

Cricket Wireless - Link to Cricket Wireless Health-and-safety-update

Xfinity/Comcast - Link to Wifi Xfinity 

Link to Comcast Covid-19-response-policies-to-june-30


Update from 8 LA

8.4b Use context, structure, and connotations to determine meaning and differentiate among multiple meanings of words and phrases.

8.5a Analyze how authors’ development of characters, conflict, point of view, voice, and tone convey meaning.

8.6 d) Make inferences and draw conclusions based on explicit and implied information using evidence from text as support

h) Identify the main idea.

i) Summarize the text identifying supporting details.

Newsela articles for this week:

What teenage brains can teach us about thinking creatively

Holding Festive Proms at Home

Complete the quizzes for the articles

Last Week’s Article:

Robotic Hand Solves Rubik’s Cube

Sports Star Interviews Virus Expert

Complete the quizzes for the articles

IXL Questions for this week:

Context Clues

Characters, Conflict, Point of View

MyOn Suggestions for this week:

Open for students to read a book and see how much time they spend on it.

For every book, we have the students to summarize the book.

1. What was your favorite part of the book? Why?

2. Would you read another book like this one again? Why?


Updates from 7 LA

Check out information in Canvas:

New modules will be posted every Monday.  This is self-paced, so you are encouraged to read and work through each module when it is convenient for you.  You can access the modules by clicking on Modules to the left of this screen.  You do not have to attend online meetings during the Language Arts Instruction Block, Monday 9:00-10:30.

You may ask questions at the end of each module, and a teacher will respond.  We are available Wednesday's during our office hours, 12:00-1:30, if you would like to discuss the book.  Let one of us know, and we will send out a meeting link.


Updates from the Librarians

Beville Middle School Library is hosting a virtual Scholastic Book Fair May 11-24. Online shopping is available 24/7 and the items ship directly to your home. Every purchase from the book fair earns our library 25% back. Thanks for your support!

The link to our book fair homepage  is Link to Beville Scholastic Book Fair

You have to use this link to shop from our fair starting May 11!

The homepage also includes a virtual flyer. Look closely at a few of the books on the flyer. They have a video if you click on the play button icon in the corner of the book cover! Link to Virtual Flyer for Book Fair

Please consider sharing this information directly with your students! The shopping link will appear on our book fair home page Monday.

At that time, please consider sharing it with anyone in your lives that might want to shop. There are categories for different ages, not just middle school.

Thanks for your support!

Jenny, Kim, and Erin


Updates for 8th LA classes 

8.4b Use context, structure, and connotations to determine meaning and differentiate among multiple meanings of words and phrases.

8.5a Analyze how authors’ development of characters, conflict, point of view, voice, and tone convey meaning.

8.6 d) Make inferences and draw conclusions based on explicit and implied information using evidence from text as support

h) Identify the main idea.

i) Summarize the text identifying supporting details.

Newsela articles for this week:

Robotic Hand Solves Rubik’s Cube

Sports Star Interviews Virus Expert

Complete the quizzes for the articles

IXL Questions for this week:

Context Clues

Characters, Conflict, Point of View.


Updates for 8th LA classes

8.6 The student will read, comprehend, and analyze a variety of nonfiction texts.

d) Make inferences and draw conclusions based on explicit and implied information using evidence from text as support

h) Identify the main idea.

i) Summarize the text identifying supporting details.

Newsela articles for this week:

Procrastination and Homework

Activities for the article:

· 4 question comprehension quiz

· Writing prompt (change/edit the question to fit the objectives) Summarize the article. Find supporting details about your answer.

IXL Questions on summarizing, main idea, and inferences.

Please have a look at the Powerpoint -under "Files and Documents" (in 8th grade, then Reading) named "Week 2 April 27 through May 1"


Updates for 7th LA classes 

Dear Students and Parents,


I hope this message finds everyone safe, happy and healthy.


As we get into the next step of distance learning, remember that the 3rd quarter ends on April 24th Check the grade book for any outstanding NHIs.  If you need a copy of something, email me, and I’ll be glad to send it to you.


The 7th grade language arts teachers will be offering a novel study for 4th quarter distance learning.  The entire novel study will be available through the Canvas app.


How to get to Canvas:

  • Go to https://pwcs.instructure.com/ and log in using your Office 365 log in OR
  • Go to Office 365, click the waffle, then “All Apps”, and find “Canvas”

Once you get to Canvas, agree to their terms, and it will open to your dashboard.  Then, click on the course for our class.  This week’s module has optional activities, discussion posts, and other resources to review!  Log on and click around. If you have questions or if there is a problem, let me know via email.  We’re still learning, so mistakes are bound to happen.


Each week’s module will be posted to Canvas prior to the language arts instructional time on Monday mornings at 9:00.  The module is self-paced, and you can do as many or as few of the activities as you wish.  If you would like to have a video chat about the book, let me know via email.  We can set up chats during the language arts office hours, Wednesdays 12:00-1:30.


Remember that any instruction posted is optional, and it will not go in the grade book.    However, if you complete any of the assignments within the modules, I will send you feedback.  This is a great book, and I hope you enjoy reading it with us!

I have posted two documents under "Files and Documents" and "7th LA classes", one with the Reading and Writing activities, and another one with instructions for Canvas. Please email me (pikalemj@pwcs.edu) with any  questions, and I'll get back to you as soon as possible.

Updates for 8th LA classes

We will be reviewing Main Idea, Summarizing, and Making Inferences. You should have received an email from your teachers letting you know how the classes are going to meet and how to join them. If you look under "Files and Documents" and "8th LA", and then click on "Reading" you will find a copy of the Powepoint that will be used in the classes. The name is "April 20th-24th lessons" I will stop by the different classes to help you out as needed, but you can always email me with questions or concerns at pikalemj@pwcs.edu


Updates from Ms. Sharper (resources)

Confident Parents Confident Kids: 

Link to Confident Parents Confident Kids

Telehealth Behavioral Health Services:

Link to Youth For Tomorrow.org/Behavioral-Health-Services

Online Therapy - Healthy Minds Therapy:

Link to Online Therapy - Healthy Minds Therapy


Updates from 7th grade LA

As we plan for distance learning after Spring Break, the 7
th grade Language Arts teachers are  considering using a portion of our 90 minutes of weekly instructional time to hold an online book club.  We would use a novel that is available online without cost.  Students would be expected to read a chapter or two individually and be ready to talk about it in a weekly scheduled video chat.  For students who prefer a read along option, teachers will schedule video chat sessions for that purpose prior to the Book Club meeting.  While the work is ungraded, we will use the novel to reinforce the previously taught SOL objectives and strands of 7.1, 7.4, and 7.5.  As in class when reading a text, we will guide students through vocabulary and comprehension difficulties through our discussions.  We are working with the 7th grade Social Studies teachers to find a relevant cross-curricular novel that would tie into the objectives they will be working with during the virtual 4th quarter.  The 7th grade Social Studies teachers will also join our video chats to provide historical insight.

If you are interested in joining the book club, please email me (pikalemj@pwcs.edu) as soon as possible but no later than Sunday, April 12th.


Updates from the Library (Mrs. Fleming and Ms. Miller)

We have compiled and attached a list of websites that have free e-books & audio books for our students and staff.  We specifically chose sites that have books that we know appeal to our students (and bonus: they have thousands of books for adults as well!).  Students will be able to find favorites like the Wimpy Kid books, Dork Diaries, manga, award winning books and more.  All of the sites listed on the document are completely free - there are no "trial months" in which you need to enter a credit card.

You will find the attached file in "Files and Documents", named "Free Online Books". Thank you ladies!!!

Updates for Mrs. Thurston's and Ms. Johnson's classes

I now have information posted for both of these classes. If you're interested, go to "Files and Documents" and you will find folders for each of these classes. Feel free to ask any questions or if you need help with anything. Take care.

Update for Reading Strategies

If you click on "Files and Documents" you will find work from Mrs. Lafollette's class that's been organized depending on the grade level, and the type of work. Stop by and have a look whenever you get a chance!

Update about the 2019-2020 Yearbook

I have received questions from teachers and students regarding the yearbook. Since schools closed, we realized that we would have to come to a decision regarding the yearbook for this school year. I want you all to know that we have been thinking about it, and looking at all the available options, and we will let you know when a decision has been made. Thanks for your support, and take care of yourselves and your families!


Check out the certificate from IXL below! Our students are working!

Link to IXL certificate

Update for 7th grade LA:

I will be adding additional resources the my class page over the next few days that can be used to extend learning on the objectives that were covered prior to March 12:

  • 7.8- Verbs- Action, Linking, and Helping
  • 7.1 a, e/7.4 b, e/7.6 a, b, j/7.7/7.8- “Super Disasters of the 21st Century”
    • activate prior knowledge, communicate orally, listening strategies, organizational patterns, cause & effect, roots & affixes, context clues, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.8- Complete Sentences, Identifying Subjects and Verbs in Sentences
  • 7.4 e/7.5 a, c, e, j, k/7.7/7.8- “Storm in the Night”
    • setting, conflict, cause & effect, chronological order, multiple meaning words, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.4 e/7.5 a, d, e, j/7.7/7.8- “The Big Wave”
    • multiple meaning words, conflict, figurative language, imagery, point of view, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.8 c- Subject-Verb Agreement
  • 7.6 b Organizational Patterns
  • 7.1 a, b, c, e/7.4 b, d/7.6 a, b/7.7/7.8- “History of Deadly Diseases”
    • prior knowledge, participate in group discussions, communicate orally, sequence of events, timelines, connotations, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.8 b- Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
  • 7.4 d, e/7.6 b, j/7.7/7.8- “Hunting Down a Killer”
    • connotations, context clues, cause & effect, process, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.6 g, h, i- Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • 7.4 b, e/7.5 a, c, e/7.7/7.8- “Fever 1793”
    • word families, context clues, character traits, static vs. dynamic characters, direct vs. indirect characterization, cause & effect, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.5 i/7.6 c- Making Inferences

Please don't hesitate to reach out with questions or concerns.


Update for 8th grade LA for next week (3/30-4/3):

These are the objectives we'll be reviewing next week:

R.8.4.c Use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms to determine the meaning(s) of unfamiliar words and technical vocabulary.

I will have videos posted on the section "Useful Links" to review these, and then, you can go to "Files and Documents", then "Reading" and you'll find a folder for this objective "Use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms" where you will find practice work. You can also go to IXL, and go to "Language Arts" and "Virginia SOLs" and inside the orange box, you would choose Virginia Standards of Learning (2017): Reading

In this section, you will find these objectives, and you will be able to practice there, and I will be able to check and see how you're doing. You can always email me after you're done with the work, or if you have any questions. My email is pikalemj@pwcs.edu


Update about the Public Libraries:

Curbside Pick Up: Note: Curbside Pick Up will continue until 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, March, 28. You may place holds until 5:00 p.m. on Thursday, March 26. If your holds become available, you must pick them up via Curbside Pick Up no later than 2:00 p.m. on Saturday, March 28. Otherwise, the request may be available for pick up when the library reopens.

Thanks Mrs. Fleming for sharing!


I am an ESOL teacher here at Beville Middle.  I work with a number of other teachers in their classrooms in 7th, and 8th grade in Language Arts classes, and some self-contained classrooms as well. 

This is my schedule and the classes, and teachers I work with:

English 8th grade with Mrs. Grimes P1 A/B
Social Studies with Mrs. Thurston P2 A/B
Language Arts 7th with Mr. Davis P4 A/B
Language Arts 8th with Ms. Switzer P6 A/B
Learning Act. with Mrs. Johnson P7 B

Reading 8th grade with Mrs. Lafollette P7 A

I provide extra help to ELL students with English Language development, and also acquiring the necessary knowledge in the subject area, and also assist any other student who may need some help. 

My email is pikalemj@pwcs.edu, and I will be happy to answer questions or help in any way I can.

I look forward to getting back to school as soon as we can, but meanwhile, take care of yourselves, and your family.

If you’re looking for activities that you can do during the time that we’re out of the classroom, look in the section “Documents” and “Links”, where I will upload documents and activities for each class. Please, don’t hesitate to contact me by email if you have any questions or concerns.


Soy una profesora de ESOL aquí en la Escuela Media Beville.  Yo trabajo con varios otros profesores en sus clases de inglés de 7 y 8 grados, y algunas otras clases también. 

Este es mi horario, y las clases y profesores con los que trabajo:

Inglés 8 grado con la Sra. Grimes P1 A/B
Estudios Sociales con la Sra. Thurston P2 A/B
Inglés 7 grado con el Sr. Davis P4 A/B
Inglés 8 grado con la Sra. Switzer P6 A/B
Actividades de Aprendizaje con la Sra. Johnson P7 B

Lectura 8 grado con la Sra. Lafollette P7 A

Yo doy ayuda adicional a los estudiantes inglés como segundo idioma en el aprendizaje y desarrollo del idioma de inglés, y a la vez, el contenido de la clase en la asignatura, y también ayudo a cualquier otro estudiante que pueda necesitar ayuda adicional. 

Mi correo electrónico es pikalemj@pwcs.edu, y estoy encantada de contestar cualquier pregunta que tengan o ayudar en lo que pueda.

Estoy deseando poder regresar a la escuela en cuanto podamos, pero mientras tanto, cuídense, y de sus familias.

Si estás buscando actividades de práctica que puedas hacer durante este tiempo que estamos fuera de la clase, por favor mira en la sección de “Documentos” y “Enlaces” donde pondré ejercicios o instrucciones para cada clase. Por favor, no duden en ponerse en contacto conmigo a través de correo electrónico si tienen preguntas y alguna duda que puedan tener.

Gracias otra vez, y ¡nos vemos pronto!