Updates from the Beville MS Librarians

Beville Middle School Library is hosting a virtual Scholastic Book Fair May 11-24. Online shopping is available 24/7 and the items ship directly to your home. Every purchase from the book fair earns our library 25% back. Thanks for your support!

The link to our book fair homepage  is Link to Beville Scholastic Book Fair

You have to use this link to shop from our fair starting May 11!

The homepage also includes a virtual flyer. Look closely at a few of the books on the flyer. They have a video if you click on the play button icon in the corner of the book cover! Link to Virtual Flyer for Book Fair

Please consider sharing this information directly with your students! The shopping link will appear on our book fair home page Monday.

At that time, please consider sharing it with anyone in your lives that might want to shop. There are categories for different ages, not just middle school.

Thanks for your support!

Jenny, Kim, and Erin



Beville Middle School will be hosting a Virtual Book Fair in May - More news to follow!

LA 8 Update

1. 8.4b:  context, word structure, and connotation within short passages
2. 8.5a:  characters, conflict, point of view, tone, and mood.
3. 8.6:  identifying the main idea and summarizing with supporting details. 

The activities for this week are included in a power point located in a folder in files and documents.  Included in the folder are the newsela article for this week, vocabulary words for the article, and directions how to access immersive reader.

Update of services being offered in Prince William County

WEEKEND FOOD SUPPORT: The Prince William County Community Foundation, Inc. Chow Wagon serves non-perishable and perishable foods each Friday to help families provide food for the weekend. The Chow Wagon will be distributing food from 9 to 11 a.m. on the following dates:

·         May 8 at Lake Ridge Middle School;

·         May 15 at Saunders Middle School;

·         May 22 at Potomac View Elementary School; and

·         May 29 at Fitzgerald Elementary School.

Everyone is welcome.

FREE FOOD AND DIAPERS – ACTS, located at 3900 ACTS Lane in Dumfries, provides free food and diapers Monday through Friday, from 9 a.m. - 11:30 a.m., and from 12:30 – 3:00 p.m. for residents of Prince William County, Manassas and Manassas City.





Update of critical services being offered in Prince William County




The Prince William County Community Foundation C.H.O.W Van will be at Forest Park High School on Friday April 24 from 9-11 AM.

CLICK HERE for information about Prince William County food banks and pantries. Additionally, ACTS has established a Food Hotline for the Prince William area: 703-794-4668.


Stay Safe & Healthy!


Just received this message and wanted to pass it along:

Celeste M. Sharper Beville_MS_Staff

Tomorrow is Da Ville's Day!

The Combating Child Hunger in Prince William County Initiative's C.H.O.W van will be at Beville Middle School in Dale City on Friday, April 17th from 9-11 am (or until the food is gone)


They are providing additional food in conjunction with the PWCS breakfast and lunch. This program has been going to different PWCS schools on Fridays handing out additional food. 

Stay Safe and Be Well - RLR


Hoping everyone had an enjoyable spring break. As we resume with distance learning I wanted to make you aware of updates to practice material and my availability. Starting Wednesday the 15th of April, 2020, I will have office hours from 12:00-1:30pm every Wednesday. Please email me at RubinRL@pwcs.edu with any questions or requests to support your learning. Additionally I will be adding material to my LA6 and LA7 "Files and Documents" pages for review and practice.  Stay safe and be well.


LA 7

March 25, 2020

Dear Students and Parents-

I want to remind everyone that all 3rd quarter assignments are due by April 14th.  At this point, if you want to raise a grade on an ROW, then email me with the number, and I will send you the file as an attachment.  You can access the packets under the 'Files and Documents' page of my class page.  The packets are informative and don't count toward your overall grade, so I wouldn't bother with those as a means to raise your grade.  You can, however, complete the Quick Writes and vocabulary sentences that were graded.  Check StudentVue/ParentVue and email with the name of the assignment, and I will send you the portion of the packet you need.



I will be adding additional resources the my class page over the next few days that can be used to extend learning on the objectives that were covered prior to March 12:

  • 7.8- Verbs- Action, Linking, and Helping
  • 7.1 a, e/7.4 b, e/7.6 a, b, j/7.7/7.8- “Super Disasters of the 21st Century”
    • activate prior knowledge, communicate orally, listening strategies, organizational patterns, cause & effect, roots & affixes, context clues, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.8- Complete Sentences, Identifying Subjects and Verbs in Sentences
  • 7.4 e/7.5 a, c, e, j, k/7.7/7.8- “Storm in the Night”
    • setting, conflict, cause & effect, chronological order, multiple meaning words, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.4 e/7.5 a, d, e, j/7.7/7.8- “The Big Wave”
    • multiple meaning words, conflict, figurative language, imagery, point of view, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.8 c- Subject-Verb Agreement
  • 7.6 b Organizational Patterns
  • 7.1 a, b, c, e/7.4 b, d/7.6 a, b/7.7/7.8- “History of Deadly Diseases”
    • prior knowledge, participate in group discussions, communicate orally, sequence of events, timelines, connotations, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.8 b- Pronoun-Antecedent Agreement
  • 7.4 d, e/7.6 b, j/7.7/7.8- “Hunting Down a Killer”
    • connotations, context clues, cause & effect, process, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.6 g, h, i- Main Idea and Supporting Details
  • 7.4 b, e/7.5 a, c, e/7.7/7.8- “Fever 1793”
    • word families, context clues, character traits, static vs. dynamic characters, direct vs. indirect characterization, cause & effect, genre, writing to a prompt, editing writing
  • 7.5 i/7.6 c- Making Inferences




Update for 8th grade LA for next week (3/30-4/3):

These are the objectives we'll be reviewing next week:

R.8.4.c Use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms to determine the meaning(s) of unfamiliar words and technical vocabulary.

I will have videos posted on the section "Useful Links" to review these, and then, you can go to "Files and Documents", then "Reading" and you'll find a folder for this objective "Use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms" where you will find practice work. You can also go to IXL, and go to "Language Arts" and "Virginia SOLs" and inside the orange box, you would choose Virginia Standards of Learning (2017): Reading

In this section, you will find these objectives, and you will be able to practice there, and I will be able to check and see how you're doing. You can always email me after you're done with the work, or if you have any questions. My email is RubinRL@pwcs.edu




Greetings. Hopefully everyone is healthy and safe at home. If you haven't visited my page, I'm an ESOL teacher at BVMS and have worked here for nearly the past ten years. Below is my schedule and the teachers I co-teach with:

Period 2 - LA 6th grade - Ms. Colley
Period 3 - LA 6th grade - Ms. Colley
Period 4 - Math 6th & 7th grade - Mr. Madison
Period 5 - LA 7th grade - Ms. Mitchell and Ms. McCauley
Period 6 - LA 8th  grade - Ms. Lawton and Ms. Grimes

My focus as a co-teacher is to help our ELL students with their basic English language development and usage. Additionally, it is to build on those skills to enhance their understanding in their various subject areas. 

Once again, I hope everyone is healthy, safe and home. I wanted to let students, parents and guardians know that I've added new material to my class page in the "Files and Documents" and "Useful Links" tabs. Since BVMS is closed physically I will continue to add material to my class pages to review. If I can be of any help, assistance or answer any question please contact me at RubinRL@pwcs.edu. Take care and look forward to returning to BVMS.