Hi everyone, I will be holding online instruction on Tuesdays and host
Office Hours (for questions or assistance) on Thursdays. Please see the
schedule below. Lessons will also be posted in TEAMS. Please use the
Distance Learning Team specific for your grade level. TEAMS may be
accessed from Office 365 or the TEAMS app. I look forward to "seeing"
you there!

Class Meeting Schedule

MARCH 23, 2020

Hello Business Bobcats!! When it comes to Digital Learning, students in Business Classes at Beville MS have a head start! We've been practicing our Digital Learning Skills all year!  

Looking for some extra practice or to brush up on things we've learned? Please see the Useful Links tab or the Files & Documents tab on the left for the resources we've used in class this year/quarter. Remember to log into to CLEVER for many of the sites we use, as well as many more to explore. Typing.com & CodeHS are sites I suggest. I have lessons set up in CodeHS that are appropriate for all grade levels (nothing graded - just for your own learning & enjoyment!). 

IMPORTANT - Please check Student Vue for any NHIs that you need to turn in. I will not be assigning or grading any new material, but I will grade any unfinished work that was due prior to March 12th that you wish to submit. 

8th Grade STEM Apps  - Our work is all on Microsoft TEAMS. Please check to make sure everything has been submitted and you have received a grade/feedback. 

Links to CTE Competencies we've covered this year/quarter: 

6th Grade STEM Solutions - 6607.pdf

7th Grade Career Investigations - 9068.pdf

8th Grade STEM Apps - 6617.pdf

Lastly, check out the link "For Your Viewing Pleasure" on the left side of my page. I've included a few movies relevant to our classes that can be found on Netflix & Prime Video. 

Feel free to email me at mongela@pwcs.edu for any questions or anything you need help with. I miss you all, so drop me an email or Tweet just let me know how you are & what you've been doing to keep busy! 
Stay safe & healthy! 
Miss you all!
Ms. Monge

On a lighter note...... 

Dog looking at a human with a cone on head

Hello, I am Ms. Monge and I'm delighted to be teaching Business Education at Beville Middle School. Business classes are excellent electives for students to prepare for their future. It is my goal to develop students' understandings and skills necessary for long-term, future success. Career Investigation, STEM Solutions and STEM Applications are each valuable classes to our students as they progress on their academic track. 

I look forward to sharing my experience and passion for business & information technology with our students.  In my personal time, I enjoy golfing, kayaking, supporting the University of Maryland Women's Basketball team, and sharing time with my 2 dogs.