Ms. Blackford's virtual instruction classes will be held on Tuesdays. FACS classes will meet at 10:30 and Careers class will meet at 11:15.
My office hours for you to ask questions and get extra help will be held on Thursday's from 1:30 - 3:00. 
Virtual instruction will be done through Teams. Office Hours will be conducted through both Teams and email. 
I am looking forward to getting to work with you again. 

Gracie & Maggie

Hello, I hope that you and your families are safe and well. I have been thinking of you. My dogs love that I have been home. I have been catching up on reading and projects around the house. I hope that you have found ways to keep busy too.
 Please refer to you specific class page listed on the left for information about your individual class. Your  class page and class folder in 'Files and Documents' will contain information about assignments prior to school closing (3/12), activities for review and list of competencies and when they were taught.  

Please contact me at blackfmb@pwcs.edu if you have any questions.  

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This year, I am teaching Career Investigations (7), Life Management Skills 97), Life and Career Planning (8) and Personal Development (6). All of these elective classes will prepare students to be successful in their personal life and future career. Together we will have a successful year.


Classroom Procedures:

  1. Come into class on time
  2. Copy homework from the board into your agenda.
  3. Have necessary supplies.
  4. Begin warm-up immediately!!!
  5. ALWAYS listen to your teacher and do your BEST!!!

If you follow these procedures, you will have a great year!!!

Tardy Policy

 You need to have a pass. If you do not have a pass, you will be given an unexcused tardy. Consequences for tardiness are listed on page 6 in your agenda.


  • Folder
  • Pencils
  • Agenda

Missing/Late Assignment Policy

If you are absent from class or you have lost the assignment, it is your responsibility to get any assignments that are missed. Copies of the assignments will be available in the “Were You Absent” box.

Late work will be accepted. However, it is your responsibility to get assignments in by the due date.


Each assignment will be collected, graded and then put into a folder that will be kept in the room. 

Grading Policy

  • Summative assignments 80% of  grade
  • Formative assignments 20% of grade

*There will be opportunities for retesting on all assignments after a concept has been retaught. We will review concepts frequently throughout the year. I want you to SUCCEED!!!*

Afterschool/Extra Help

I am available to stay after school for extra help. Please let me know in advance in order to arrange a day and time to stay.

Please feel free to email me with any questions. blackfmb@pwcs.edu

*Remember to respect yourself, your classmates, and others. We are Bobcats on the PROWL!*


IB Bobcats are on the

Positive –knowledgeable, caring learners

Respectful – open-minded communicators

Outstanding – principled and reflective learners

Working – inquiring, balanced learners

Leaders – courageous thinkers