While schools are closed for this extended period of time I hope that all of our students are finding the best ways to stay active while at home. Below is an activity journal that has a 2 week activity guide for short fun activities to do while at home. It also has spaces for you to fill in yourself with different types of activities so be creative in what you choose to do! 

I encourage all students to stay active through this tough time, it will help keep your mind in a healthy space and try to focus on positives rather than negatives happening in the world currently. We need to try to focus on self care  and healthy practices while social distancing from our friends and community around us.

Please feel free to send the completed journal to my email or even video yourself doing these fun activities and sending them to my email. It is tough on us teachers being away from our great students for this long period of time so seeing you all doing these activities would be awesome.
Please reach out with any questions or concerns: przyboc@pwcs.edu 

Also refer to the "Files and Documents" tab on the side for additional information, including Health/PE SOL's.

Use the Link below to access the fitness journal:

Below are some of the activities/games we did in Health class during the year that I have saved electronically that I encourage the students to look at/play to help review some of the material.

This hyperlink below is also a great source of ideas for physical activity that you can do at home!
Physical Activity You Can Do At Home

6th Grade:
Heart Rate Crossword.pdf
W1.1 PA Pyramid.doc
R1.2a PA Pyramid Stations.doc
Drug Education Jeopardy Game

7th Grade:
W3.1a Activitygram.doc
W3.1b Making Changes.doc
W3.3 Friction in Activity.doc
W8.1a Body Mass Index.doc
Drug Education Jeopardy Game
Physical Fitness Jeopardy Game

8th Grade:
Health Triangle.pptx
Health Triangle Word Hunt.docx
8th grade Football Self and Peer Assessment.docx
Track Word Hunt.docx
Drug Education Jeopardy Game
8th Grade Puberty Jeopardy Game