Fitness Log   This will always be at the top of my page please use it.

Week of May 26th
Here is your workout for this week just go to the following:

We will be having a 6 INCHES Challenge for 6,7,& 8th graders Please practice your 6 INCHES OFF THE FLOOR.  We are looking to see who can hold it the longest. SEE THE VIDEO WE POSTED ON THE PE 6,7,8TH PAGES.

The winners from each class(6,7,& 8 girl and boy) will take on the winners from the other classes next week on Wednesday.  Are you up for the challenge?

Week of May 18th
Here is you workout for this week just go to the following:


We will be having a PLANK Challenge for 6,7,& 8th graders Please practice your plank.  We are looking to see who can hold it the longest. 
The winners from each class(6,7,& 8 girl and boy) will take on the winners from the other classes.  Are you up for the challenge?

 See you on Thursday!

Benefits of practicing the Plank Pose 

  • Strengthens Your Core.
  • Increases Muscle Definition in shoulders, chest,legs & back.
  • Heightens Metabolism. 
  • Reduces Back Pain in the lower back
  • Gives You Better Posture. 
  • Improves Balance and coordination.
  • Enhances Bone and Joint Health by promoting circulation in the joints
  • Boosts Mood and Relieves Stress.

May 14th

For this week use the above to get in a great workout.  Have the whole family do it.

Next week we will be having a plank challenge.  So practice your planks

May 7th
See  Fitness Log above to go the Physical Education Activity Tracker for the rest of the year. Please fill this out once a week and submit it to me thanks.

Also start working on your curl-ups and sit & reach.  Go to the Physical Education 6,7,8 grade page for more information.

May Is National Bike Month
So Let's get outside and ride our bikes.  Riding your bike will be a great way to get some exercise and the whole family can join in.

April 29. 2020

Hi Students and Parents,

This week please continue to work on  Push -Ups and begin working on your Curl-Ups. 

Also go look in  links: There you will see  the Zumba  routine.  This will help you Cardiovascular Fitness while have fun with you family.  If you did not receive the link just click on Links you will find it there.   

Please continue to submit you fitness logs.  Don't forget to go to the Physical Education 6,7,8 page 


April 14, 2020

Hi Everyone,

I hope you are staying safe.

At the top of this page go to Fitness Log which will take you to the Physical Education Activity Tracker for the rest of the year,  a direct link to the form is also located within the files and documents tab. Please fill this out every other class day.

If you have any questions feel free to contact me. 

March 27, 2020

Hi Students and Parents,

I hope everyone is doing well

All my classes just finish health classes  (8th grade -Communicable Diseases, 7th grade CPR and Bullying, 6th grade Skill Related Fitness) and would have been reporting back to the gym for the
remainder of the school year. Our first unit would have been fitness testing. 

Please go to my  File and Document page there you will find the health and physical education SOL objectives. Also you will see my 2019-20 classes teaching schedule, for a explanation
of each grade SOL please refer to  each grade level SOL document. 

You will also find  a letter to the parents and logs for the students to keep them moving while at home.  Students are to complete fitness activities at home while we are out of school.  You may email me your results: 

I will also be sending a email to both the parents and students information on an interactive  fitness log  that will  due at a later date.

 Also feel free to contact me with any questions. 

Stay safe, practice good hygiene and don't forget to do your push-ups, sit-ups and hold the plank position for at least 1 minute.

Ms.  Moore

October 2019

Students taking Physical Education and Health Science will need to change their clothes for class.  They may wear a gym suit which consists of a solid color gym shirt and gym shorts.  The Beville gym suit will be available throughout the school year. Cost is $20 for the set or $12 for the tee shirt and $10 for the shorts if bought separately. 

Thanks to all the parents who purchased a gym suit.  It would be a good idea to have your student write their name on their shirt and shorts.  We have found gym clothes after class is  over on the floor or in the hallway.  We would like to return the gym suit to its owner, therefore it would be helpful to have the student's name on the uniform.  It is best to write it with a permanent marker.  Thank for your help in this matter.

Students who would like to tryout for sports must have a sports physical and concussion training on file with the school.  Tryout for winter one season (Girls Varsity and JV Basketball) will begin in  November

To reach me please call 571-589-3897