May 21
Our lesson this week will be focusing on planks.  We will be doing a plank challenge to see who can hold the longest plank from each grade level and then they will go against the other champions from the other classes.  Are you up for the challenge?


Set #

Exercise Name

Interval Start


Exercise: Plank Shoulder Taps (video)



Rest 10 Seconds



Exercise: Plank Arm Raises (video)



Rest 10 Seconds



Exercise: Plank Leg Raises (video)



Rest 10 Seconds



Exercise: Up & Down Planks (video)



Rest 10 Seconds



Exercise: Plank Jacks (video)



Rest 10 Seconds



Exercise: Plank Rolls (video)



Rest 10 Seconds



Exercise: Plank Climbers (video)



Rest 10 Seconds



Exercise: Plank Shoulder Taps (video)



Rest 10 Seconds


Benefits of practicing the Plank Pose 

  • Strengthens Your Core.
  • Increases Muscle Definition in shoulders, chest,legs & back.
  • Heightens Metabolism. 
  • Reduces Back Pain in the lower back
  • Gives You Better Posture. 
  • Improves Balance and coordination.
  • Enhances Bone and Joint Health by promoting circulation in the joints
  • Boosts Mood and Relieves Stress.


May 14

Here is another activity you can do with your family.  You just need a deck of cards.

52 Card Pick Up
April 30

If you can't join us on our weekly lesson through Microsoft Teams, you can try this activity at home with your family.  All you need is a pack of UNO cards.

UNO Fitness

Fitness Component Spinner
You can make your own one and put whatever exercises you want.

Fitness Spinner

April 22

Hey Bobcats!  Here is the new workout for the week.  You can pick different words to spell out every day and these are exercises you can do with your family.

Use this 
alphabet fitness key to: Complete each fitness activity for each letter of your name, create a spelling challenge with another member of your household, complete a workout of the day by spelling out the day of the week! 
Alphabet Fitness

April 15, 2020
Hope to see everyone on Thursday April 16 at 9am for 6th grade, 9:30am for 7th grade, and 10am for 8th grade.  We will be doing a team meeting.  You should of received an email and a team invite.  I will be updating our class page and the general PE class page weekly.  So be on the look out for some fun videos!

March 30
Hello everyone.  I hope you are staying safe and healthy.  I miss all of you!

Attached is a link for students to complete fitness activities at home while we are out of school.  There is a 2 week fitness journal and a physical education at home link that has some pretty cool videos and different activities for you to do.  You can email me your results:  Also feel free to contact me with any questions/upload videos, or just to say Hi.  Remember to practice social distancing and wash your hands.

Here is fitness journal you can do at home.
Here is a letter explaining the directions and what we working on with the fitness journals.

Here are different activities and workouts you can do at home by yourself or with your family.
Physical Education at home

I also have my teaching schedule for the year with all the standards of learning (SOLs) on the files and documents tab.