Reading Strategies Update #9: 5-20-20

This week our focus will be on comparing and contrasting information between selections providing textual evidence 7.6l, 8.6l. I have placed copies of all of the articles in the documents folder if for some reason you able to open the articles that were emailed to you earlier. 8th grade, my apologies for the email mishap earlier.

7th Grade: This week's assignment is read the following articles "Dig This!" "Rock On!" and "The Active Earth," on the website. There are 4 multiple choice questions and 1 short answer question to go along with the readings.

The articles can be read or listened to on the website. The audio link is at the top of the article if you would prefer to listen to the articles as you read. 

8th Grade: You may complete the above 7th grade assignment, or you can read, "Predicting the Future" and "Could the Futuristic Traveling Tube Become Reality?" There are two short answer questions comparing and contrasting the designers of these two ideas.

I hope everyone has a safe and happy long weekend.

Strategies Update #8: 5-14-20

This week our focus will be on figurative language. Your assignment this week will be a review of similes, metaphors, and personification. There is also a couple of bonus questions if you'd like some extra, extra credit. Those questions focus on hyperbole and imagery. They are a bonus, so you don't have to answer them. You also do not have to send me your answers, but if you do, I will assign some extra credit in your grade book.

7th Grade: Will read the poems "The Big Race" and "Awake," then complete the 2 questions identifying the personification and metaphors,7.4c,7.5g.

8th Grade: Will read and listen to the poems "Breathe" and "Pass," then identify/list as many kinds of figurative language they find in the written copy of the poems. 8.4a, 8.5d.

Reading Strategies Update #7: 5-7-20

This week our focus will be on nonfiction comprehension. The students will read a nonfiction article that focuses on animal rights issues. The student will be asked to identify explicit and implied text evidence 7.6c; 8.6d; Identify the author's viewpoint 7.6g; 8.6e; Identify the main idea and details that support the main idea 7.6g,h; 8.6hi

I hope everyone is taking advantage of IXL. You can practice in the Reading Strategies section on comprehension. I have been told, if you click on the Level 5 section, there is an audio version you can listen to also.

Please keep reading - magazines, short stories, novels, comic books, or graphic novels. What is important is that you keep practicing just like you do for any activity that you like to do. Practice makes your game better.

Reading Strategies Update #6: 4-29-20

This week our focus will be on Contest Clues 7.4e and 8.4b - Use context and sentence structure to determine meaning of unfamiliar words.

In 7th grade the students will read the folktale "The Four Dragons," and in 8th grade the students will read the Greek myth "Icarus and Dadelus." To prepare for the readings this week, students should log on to IXL and review/practice identifying context clues in the Vocabulary Section. You should focus on sections d & e. Students should then read the appropriate grade level reading and complete the exercise at the end. I have uploaded an information sheet also at the end of the each reading for students to refer to while completing the questions/exercises at the end of each reading.
                  Reading Strategies Curriculum Map 2019-2020
                          Quarter 1 - August 25th - November 1st
Strategy Focus: Pre/During/Post Reading Strategies, Literature Circles using Fables, Myths, and Memoirs, and Vocabulary Placement Test

7th Grade

Context Clues – e) Use context and sentence structure to determine meanings and differentiate among multiple meanings of words.

Roots & Affixes- 7.4 b) Use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms to expand vocabulary.

Cause and Effect- 7.5 c) Identify cause and effect relationships and their impact on plot

Narrative Writing - 7.7 The student will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective with an emphasis on expository and persuasive writing.

8th Grade: 

Context Clues – 8.4 b) Use context, structure, and connotations to determine meaning and differentiate among multiple meanings of words and phrases.
Roots & Affixes – 8.4 Use roots, affixes, synonyms, and antonyms to determine the meaning(s) of unfamiliar words and technical vocabulary

Analyze Plot Development – 8.5 a) Analyze how authors’ development of characters, conflict, point of view, voice, and tone convey meaning.
Narrative Writing - 8.7 The student will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective with an emphasis on expository and persuasive writing.

Quarter 2: November 4th - January 24th

Strategy Focus: Book Clubs, Paired Passages using short stories and non-fiction text

7th Grade

Word Choice – 7.5 g) Describe the impact of word choice, imagery, and literary devices including figurative language in an author’s style.

Author’s Style – g) Describe the impact of word choice, imagery, and literary devices including figurative language in an author’s style.

Figurative Language –  g) Describe the impact of word choice, imagery, and literary devices including figurative language in an author’s style.
Draw Conclusions – i) Make inferences and draw conclusions based on the text.

Reflective Writing - 7.7 The student will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective with an emphasis on expository and persuasive writing.

8th Grade

Draw Conclusions – 8.5 e) Make inferences and draw conclusions based on explicit and implied information using references to the text for support.

Compare Authors’ Styles – 8.5 h) Compare and contrast the authors’ use of word choice, dialogue, form, rhyme, rhythm, and voice in different texts.

Reflective Writing - 8.7 The student will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective with an emphasis on expository and persuasive writing.

                     Quarter 3: January 27th - March 13th

Strategy Focus: Literature Circles, Paired Passages (fiction and non-fiction text)

7th Grade

Main Idea and Supporting Details - 7.6 g) Identify the main idea. h) Summarize text identifying supporting details.

Summarize - 7.6 h) Summarize text identifying supporting details.

Narrative/Expository Writing 7.7 The student will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective with an emphasis on expository and persuasive writing.

8th Grade: 

SOL Prep – review previous standards

Main Idea and Supporting Details - 8.6 h) Identify the main idea. i) Summarize the text identifying supporting details.

Summarize - 8.6 i) Summarize the text identifying supporting details.

Reading Strategies Update #5: 4-22-20

I have uploaded the nonfiction article for tomorrow's Zoom meeting at 10:30. I also uploaded a copy of the comprehension questions for you if you choose to complete them and return to me.The SOL Objectives we will be working on are 7.6g/8.6h Identifying the main idea of a passage; and 7.6h/8.6i Summarize text identifying supporting details.
I sent an email to all registered students with a copy of both the article and the alternate questions that you can use and return the comprehension questions to me without the article attached.

Reading Strategies Update #4: 4-16-20

I was able to add the short story "Fanhood" to my Files and Documents folder this afternoon. It has 5 short answer questions to go with it if you are looking for something to read and practice. It isn't graded or required, but if you send me your answers, I will read them and give you some feedback.

Teams doesn't work well with MacBooks, so I will tomorrow log into Zoom at 1:30 to answer any questions you might have. Hope to see you then.

Reading Strategies Update #3: 3-27-20

Mrs. Flemming, our school Librarian, has shared with us a list of websites you can access to read online or check-out books online for Free! I have placed a copy of the list of websites in the Files and Documents page. These sites do not require you to enter your information or to register with the site. Check them out!

Reading Strategies Update #2:   3-25-20

If interested, here is a list of the novels we were reading in class. Most of these novels can be accessed if you choose, on amazon, kindle, nook, and audible.

Long Way Down by Jason Reynolds Forget Me Not by Ellie Terry
Counting by 7's Holly Goldberg Sloan    Out of My Mind by Sharon M. Draper

I have placed in the Files and Documents folder a copy of the Discussion Questions we were using in class if you would like to use them. No grades will be assigned. These are just some suggestions if you are looking for some direction.

The Files and Document Folder also now has a copy of the three myths we read in the first quarter. You can find them under: Add Reading "Daedalous & Iccarus," for example.

Also, I have placed in the Files and Documents folder a copy of the SOL Objectives we have covered so far to help you if you wish, while looking for different types of stories and articles to read. They are located on page 1 of my documents - Add Reading Strategies Curriculum Map 2019 -2020.

To My Students - Update #1:   3-24-20

During this challenging time you have some unique ways to learn using your computer and online services/devices. Some ideas would be to access some educational websites such as:

* * *
* * Library of Congress

An example article that can be found on

      * Endangered Animals at a Glance

I have also uploaded to the Files and Documents folder 6 stories and 2 poems with multiple choice questions and short answer questions for you to practice. You do not need to complete the questions, but rather they are there for you to "quiz" yourself if you so choose. Also, these are not for a grade, but rather some examples of the types of materials you can find online to challenge yourself. These short nonfiction articles were found on the website  You can also find the answers to these articles and poems on the website. Just type in the name of the story in the search box of the website. Then, select the PDF file to download the article if you choose to complete the questionsRemember, these articles are just to practice the objectives we have already covered in class - they are not for a grade. 

Articles that support the objectives we have been discussing in class on (Can be found under the heading Article + its name)

      * Carnivorous Plants * Worst Game Ever
      * Google * Hyperinflation
      * Koko                                            * Honey Badgers

You can also continue your education in some creative ways such as designing a new game or start a journal. The journal doesn't have to be in complete sentences, you could include/write poems, plays, songs, drawings, or raps to express your feelings.

If you have any questions please let me know at: I will check my email frequently through out the days to be of help. No grades will be assigned. These are just some suggestions for those students and parents who would like some ideas. Of course, just reading a book of your choice is always a great way to spend some time at home.

Welcome back to the 2019 - 2020 school year!

Welcome also to Reading Strategies. The purpose of our class will be to support the Language Arts Reading Program. We will read a variety of short stories and articles, as well as, several novels in class daily. The Reading Strategies classes will also continue this year with the vocabulary program that was introduced last year. The students will take a vocabulary pretest to assess their current level over the next two weeks.

I am looking forward to working with your student this year. If you need to contact me, the easiest and quickest way is to email me here at school at:

Week of 4-29-19
This week will be reviewing for the SOL Grade 7 Reading Test. The Grade 7 Reading Test is scheduled for May 9th. Our focus this week will be on: Fact & Opinion, Literary Genres, Author's Purpose, and Comparing and Contrasting details in literary and informational nonfiction texts.
Reminder: It's half price library fines week!

Week of 4-22-19
This is our class's last "Class Check-out." The library will be open for students to check-out books on their own until the end of the school year. The students all met with a librarian to review his or her library record and were given a copy of their library obligations. This week all fines are half price! Please take advantage of this wonderful sale.
We also this week went over the Released 2015 SOL Test with the students. As we reviewed the test, we talked not only about the SOLs that were covered, but also about test taking strategies.
The students were also given an opportunity to make corrections to their xSkills Workshop 6 tests. The students were given the answers to the questions. They should make corrections to their own tests by writing in the margins of their test noting where the correct answer could be found and why that answers is correct. The corrections are due on Friday, May 3rd. The student's corrections will be averaged with his or her original grade.

Week of 2-4-19
Snow Days, wonderful, but also difficult for the school schedule! We will begin reading "The History of Deadly Diseases" at the end of this week. In preparation for this reading, we are studying Organizational Text Structures: Cause & Effect, Comparison & Contrast, Sequential & Chronological orders, Generalization, and Concept - Definition, etc.
We will begin homework again with ROW #15 "The Great Grand Canyon.
Also, this Wednesday, report will go home, so ask your student for his or her report card.

Week of 1-7-19
This week we have been preparing to read the biography "Into the Wild" in our textbook. Our focus will be on drawing conclusions, author's style, and sequence. We will also work with the adverb suffixes -ly (in a certain way) and -ward (in the  direction of).
The homework this week is ROW #14 "Nonviolence Works," about Gandhi and his work.
The warm-up this week is looking at nonfiction text features found in a glossary, table of contents, graphs, and diagrams.
Next Thursday, January 17th, is our Library check-out class.

Week of 12-3-18
This week we have been preparing for a new story in our textbook. We will read "Escape from the Land of the Cyclops," a Greek myth. Our reading focus will be on how setting and plot interact to create a story, as well as, summarizing.
Next week, ROW #13 "Rites of Passage," will be the final homework until after Winter Break.
Our class is also scheduled for a class check-out in the Library on Thursday. Please remember your library book and or fine money if owed.
Week of 11-26-18
We began our study of Narrative/Ballad Poems this week. Our focus will be on plot - character development, setting, theme, and conflict, and how they influence each other.  The ROW this week is #11 "Rodeos," and our warm-up this week focuses on comparing and contrasting and making inferences.

Week of 11-13-18
We are beginning Workshop 7, "Extreme Adventure." Our essential question for this workshop is, "Does the thrill of adventure outweigh the risks?" We will be reading about several explorers who were both successful and unsuccessful in their adventures to either be the first one there or just to explore another lifestyle.
Our academic focus for the first reading will be summarizing, primary resources, understanding visuals, and verb suffixes. The students will also complete a timeline a Quick Write (essay), exploring whether they would be willing to spend 18 years of their life looking for a place no one else has been before, and whether they would be willing to brave the sub-zero temperatures, extreme hunger, and terrible thirst.
The ROW for this week is, "The New Winter Sport," and will be due November 20th, because of the very short weeks before the break. 

Week of 10-29-18
We will complete Workshop 3, Nature's Fury on Wednesday. The students are working on their IB project for this quarter to complete this unit. They are creating a cartoon that describes a natural disaster and its impact on the people affected. The IB Criterion we have focused on Criterion B: Organizing and Criterion C: Producing text.
We will start Workshop 7 on Thursday. Our Essential Question will be, "Does the thrill of adventure outweigh the risks?"
Our warm-up this week will focus on identifying the main idea and important supporting details.

Week of 10-8-18
This is a Library check-out week. The focus in the Library will be on genres. Don't forget to bring your library books with you to our class check-out to return, renew, or exchange your SSR reading materials.
We will continue to read A Storm in the Night in our textbook. We will also continue to focus on the setting, conflict, and multiple meaning words as we read and discuss the short story.
Retakes for the Mastery Test Hurricane Mitch will be available to students on Thursday and Friday if they return their review and practice packets Thursday or Friday this week.
The homework this week is ROW #6 Droughts.

Week of 10-1-18
This week we are beginning to read the fictional story, "Storm in the Night" in our textbook. Our skills focus will be setting, conflict, and multiple meanings words. We will also continue to work with cause and effect and using context clues to understand unfamiliar vocabulary. 
The homework for this week is ROW #5 Volcanoes.

Week of 9-10-18
This Thursday, September 13th will be our first Library Class and check-out time.
Homework for this week is ROW #2 - Tornadoes.
Our focus this week is cause & effect, text features (reading charts, graphs, and inserts etc.), and context clues (definition and restatement).
Back to School night is Wednesday from 7-8:30. Hope to see you there.
                     Welcome to 7th Grade Language Arts 2018 - 2019
Welcome! I hope everyone is returning with recharged batteries for an exciting year in 7th grade Language Arts. We have begun reading Workshop 3, Nature's Fury. Our focus in this workshop will be studying how and why natural disasters such as hurricanes, earthquakes, tsunamis, and mud slides form, and their impact on us. The first readings will be nonfiction with the science behind these storms.

Week of May 21st
We are enjoying the novel Schooled, as we review the 7th grade LA objectives while we read. Reminder, all library books are due this Friday, May 25th. Yearbooks are still available for purchase through the library.

Week of May 14th
SOL Tests are behind us now (exceptions would be make-ups and retakes), so we are on to our novel study. We are currently reading Schooled, by Gordon Korman. Our focus will be to enjoy a realistic and humorous story. We will also look at static and dynamic characters, figurative language, and cause and effect as we enjoy the story. 

Week of April 30th 
It's finally here, our 7th grade Reading SOL Test is this Thursday! Get lots of rest and eat breakfast! I passed back today the student's notes they have been taking all year, so they can use them to study this week. 
We had a wonderful pep rally this morning to kick-off the 2017 -18 testing season. The students are ready!
We will have an adjusted schedule this week. The students will be given the day's schedule each morning in homeroom.
No ROW (Reading of the Week) homework this week to allow students time to study their notes and prepare for the SOL.

Week of April 23rd
We are busy preparing for the the 7th grade Language Arts Reading SOL. Our Reading SOL will be on Thursday, May 3rd, so we have been reviewing the Released 2015 7th grade Reading SOL. We (the student and I have identified the areas where they could use a little extra help. With this data, we are practicing and reviewing those SOL objectives using short passages.
On Friday, April 27th, Beville is having an SOL Game Day for review. In our class, the students will have an opportunity to complete a "Magic Squares" activity to earn tickets that will be used on Monday during the Prep Rally to win many prizes. 
I returned to the students today their Making Inferences packets after we practiced in class. The students have an opportunity to complete the last Worksheet in the packet for extra credit.

Week of April 9th
Reminder this Wednesday is the Beville Middle's Book Fair! It is open every day this week before Homeroom. Our class day is tomorrow, Wednesday the 11th. The Book Fair will also be open on Wednesday, during the Multicultural Fair from 6:30 to 8:00.
We have started a new Workshop. We are now reading Northward Bound in Workshop 7. Our theme/inquiry question for this workshop is, "Does the thrill of adventure outweigh the risks?" Our focus for this reading is Summarizing, Using Visuals, and the Genre is understanding a Primary Source. The focus of the Daily Warm-up will be how to use Nonfiction Text Features and Visual Information. The students will practice identifying and comprehending common features of nonfiction text and evaluate information that is depicted visually - illustrations, diagrams, graphs, maps, photos, or other graphic -based elements.
The practice SOL test has been rescheduled for April 17th & 18th to allow students an opportunity to go to the Book Fair.

Week of April 3rd
Next Wednesday, April 11th, our class will go to the Book Fair in the Library during our class period. Students will be able to browse and purchase materials from the Book Fair beginning on Monday, April 9th. The Book Fair will also be open during the Multicultural Night.
Multicultural Night is also on Wednesday, April 14th! Everyone is invited to come and see and taste foods and original costumes from the countries that make-up our very divergent population here at Beville. 
This week we will take the 3rd quarter Benchmark Test as we finish up Workshop 6. On Friday the students will also take the released SOL test for practice. We will go over all of the readings and and questions to help prepare us for our grade 7 Reading SOL .
Next week, we will begin Workshop 7. Our inquiry question to focus our reading will be, "Does the thrill of adventure outweigh the risks?"

Week of January 8th
This Wednesday is our class's Library check-out time. Be sure to bring your library books with you to class. If you have a fine, don't forget to bring your money or over due books as well.
We will continue working in Workshop 2 Sports Obsessed. Our  Expert Question is "Do we care too much about winning"? We started the workshop with the poem "Casey at the Bat" before the holiday, and now we are reading about the cost many athletes pay for participating in sporting events and teams. The focus of our reading will be to differentiate between fact and opinion, identify cause and effect relationships, and to interpret data using charts and graphs. The student packet for The Cost of Winning and the next reading Boiling Sports Controversies can be read online and downloaded as well from the files and documents folder.
I have also updated the ROWs (Reading of the Week) if you are missing ROWs 12 & 13 you may download another copy and turn them in this Friday for credit. This week's ROW 14 can also be found in the files and documents folder. 
Want some extra credit? Create a foldable with the 4 main types of figurative language we have been studying: simile, metaphor, personification, and hyperbole and create a four square page or booklet identifying each type of figurative language, definition, example demonstrating understanding of the figurative language, and a picture depicting your example.

Week of 12-11-17
This week we will start reading the magazine article in our textbook, Workshop 2 Part 1 "The Cost of Winning." Our focus will be on distinguishing between fact and opinion, and interpreting data in various formats. We will also explore drawing conclusions and making inferences on explicit and implied information.
The Reading of the Week this week will be ROW #13, "Rites of Passage." The make-up ROW from last week is "Island Roots."

Week of 11-13-17
This week the Librarian, Ms. Miller, will visit our class to support our SOL Objective 7.4 Word Study: Connotation, denotation, origins, and reference materials such as the dictionary and thesaurus.
We will also begin working in Workshop 2 of our textbook Expert 21. The first story we will read is Raymond's Run. Our focus as we read this short story is plot, character development, setting, and conflict. We will also examine the differences between a novel and short story.

Week of 10-30-17
Library check-out this week, November 1st. Don't forget your library books and money if you owe a fine.
We finished reading Workshop 3, Part 2 Friday. This week we will take the end of Workshop 3 Post Test. Also, this week we will begin looking at the next IB Assessment on evacuating a city/town. More info to come.

Week of 10-16-17
Book Fair this Wednesday!  We will go as a class each period, where the students may view and buy. The students can also purchase materials before and after school, as well as during lunch.
This week we will continue to read "Storm in the Night." Our focus is on multiple meaning words, cause and effect, and setting. We will also begin talking about more about conflict. The students will read several short passages and decide if the conflict is internal, external. 

Library Check-out Wednesday, October 4th. Bring your book(s) and or money to pay your fine if you have one.  Library notices were distributed in class on today, Tuesday, October 3rd.

Week of 10-2-17
We finished reading Workshop 3 Part 1 "Get Into the Tornado" and "Earth's Greatest Hits" this week. Our focus this coming week will be a review of the main events, ideas, and genre styles that were included in this part of the Workshop (Science article, Interview, and Infographic). We will begin discussing the first IB Assessment on Monday, looking at how bar graphs are constructed and useful to understand a large amount of information.
The students will create a bar graph that compares five natural disasters and their monetary costs to the citizens. The student's work will be assessed with a PWCS letter grade, as well as, an IB Assessment Rubric, which has no weight in the calculation of the students final grade in class.
The final test for Part 1 of Workshop 3 will start on Tuesday. The students will have both Tuesday and Wednesday to complete the Progress Test and the IB bar graph.
This week the homework will be on ROW#4 Volcanoes. The homework is due on Friday, but the students may turn it in earlier.
Wednesday is also our scheduled Library check-out. Students should bring their library books with them to class.

Week of 9-18-17
This week we will continue to read the articles on Superstorms of the 21st Century. We finished our study on reading a Scientific news article about the Earthquake that hit China in 2008. We will begin reading about the Tsunami that hit Indonesia in 2008, as well as, a first person point of view of his experience as a Tsunami survivor. The lens/objectives we have been using to study these storms are: Identifying context clues, cause and effect, and text structures (reading maps and diagrams).
We had our first Library check-out on Friday, so the students should bring their SSR book to class everyday. Also, we will have mandated SSR every Friday for our warm-up.
This week the homework will be on ROW#3 - Earthquakes. The homework is due on Friday, but the students may turn in their homework earlier. A reminder to students, you should notate where you found your answers in the margin of the text for full credit.
The warm-up this week will be on making connections to the topic/subject of a piece of writing to aid comprehension.

Week of 9-5-17 
Welcome back to school! This week in Language Arts we will begin working in our 7th grade Language Arts textbook Expert 21. We will begin with Workshop 3, Super Storms of the 21st Century.

Week of 6-5-17
IB Quarantine Project Due.
Project Description/Directions:
Scenario: A student in your school has come down with flu-like symptoms and has been put into isolation. Doctors think the student may have an illness called SARS (Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome).
The problem: SARS is contagious and could lead to death. Your assignment - decide whether to quarantine or isolate everyone in the school; then write an email to the school board to persuade the them to agree with your recommendation.
Library books and or fines now due. Please take care of any Library obligations.
7th grade Field Day June 13th.

Week of 5 - 15-17
This week we will finish Part 1 of Workshop 6 reading The Hunting Down a Killer focusing on the nature of and the spread of deadly viruses. The students will take their  open book test on Part 1 Tuesday and Wednesday. Our next reading will be an excerpt from Fever 1793.
As the end of the year draws near, students are reminded to keep up with their library obligations.

Week of 4-17-17
Welcome back from Spring Break! This quarter the students will begin reading Workshop 6 in their textbook. Our inquiry question for this Workshop is, "How can we fight the battle against disease?" The first reading will be the "History of Deadly Diseases." The focus of this first reading is: Sequence of Events, Time Lines, and Denotation and Connotation.
It is also difficult to believe, but our 7th Grade SOL test is fast approaching on May 10th, so we will also focus on a review of the terms and their definitions that we have studied this year. The students will be given a list of the 7th grade academic vocabulary and their definitions on Monday. We will review several concepts each day in class.

Week of 2-21-17
This week we will go to the Library for our class check-out. We will also read "Sacagawea"- a poem. The focus will be on imagery and summarizing. The Progress Test will be on Thursday, February 23, and Friday,  February 34. The students will also have time after they complete their Workshop 7 Progress Test to work on their IB Assessment Project - Extreme Explorers Who Perished.
We are working in Units 6 & 8 for Vocabulary. The tests will be next week, Thursday, March 2nd.
The ROW (Reading of the Week) is Week 18 "Plants."

Week of 1-3-17
This week we will start examining sentence structures. Students should have their Language Arts composition notebooks in class everyday to copy the notes and complete the activities.
Library check out this week: Students should make sure they have taken care of their Library obligations such as returning overdue books and paying any fines. 
The ROW (Reading of the Week) is Week 11.

Week of 12-19-16
Tomorrow, Tuesday 19th, is a Library check-out day for our classes. It is an opportunity to check out a good read for the upcoming Winter Break. Also, don't forget this is the last week of the Library's 50% off special on all overdue books and fines.
Monday, we will take the Writing Complete Sentences Pretest to see what the student's strengths are in writing a complete sentence. This information will be used to plan the writing instruction as we move forward.
Tuesday and Wednesday we will focus on the final piece of the Elements of Fiction - theme, or the lesson to be learned from  the writing/story. We will read the folk tale "The Wise Old Woman," a Japanese Folk Tale.
Thursday will be the start of our Winter Break. School will reopen on Tuesday, January 3rd.

Week of 11-28-16 - 12-5-16
The Library is sponsoring a 50% off special during the month of December. This means if a student has a fine of $1.00; then he or she may pay off the Library fine for 50 cents.
Our Library check-out will be next Tuesday. Bring your books and any fines owed. 

Monday we will have our class Spelling Bee. The winner from each class will have an opportunity to compete with the winners from the other Language Arts classes here at Beville on December 12th, from 3:15 - 5:15. 

This week we will read "Bombardment" in our textbook. Our focus will be on the author's perspective, fact and opinion, and the prefix "un." We will also finish the readings in this workshop on Monday with the personal narrative "The Winner."

Week of 11-21-16
This week we will read "Raymond's Run" in our textbook. The reading focus of this story will be the conflict and the steps the characters take to solve their individual problems. We will continue to also relate the sequence to understand how plot and conflict are developed. The prefix "un" is also explored within this story's text.
This is a short week this week because of the Thanksgiving Holiday. No school Wednesday, Thursday, or Friday. Enjoy your break!

Nature's Bridge participants will be able to pick-up "The Cost of Winning" packet on Tuesday, to work on during their Study time on the field trip.

Week of 10-24-16
Monday and Tuesday of this week we will finish reading "Casey at the Bat," in Workshop 2 of our textbook Expert 21. Wednesday, we will begin looking at the effects of sports, injuries and physical stress, emotional stress, and academic stress on young athletes. Our study will start with the magazine article, "The Cost of Winning." Our textbook can be accessed at home my files and documents area where I have uploaded the textbook. Distinguishing between fact and opinion and interpreting data will also be a goal with this magazine article.

 Week of 10-17-16
Monday and Tuesday of this week we will complete Workshop 3 with the xSkills Test. It is a multiple choice test covering the objectives we studied in this Workshop.
Wednesday we will begin Workshop 2, with the poem "Casey at the Bat." We will start this narrative poetry study looking at rhyme, stanzas, characters, and making inferences through tone and mood. We will identify how a narrative poem has the same elements as a fictional story. Our textbook, Expert 21, presents the famous poem as a graphic novel, so we will also examine the characteristics of a graphic novel.
The SSR program continues. Please ask your child what book he or she is reading in class.

Week of 10-10-16
This week we will complete Workshop 3B, Natural Disasters with a focus on fictional stories and editorial cartoons pertaining to the effects of natural disasters on the people who are affected by them. The Progress Test will be Wednesday and Thursday. We will review all of the skills taught in this workshop on Friday and Monday to prepare for the Unit Test next week.

This week is also our week for Library Check-out. Bring you books to school on Tuesday so you can turn them in or renew them. Reminder, you need a book in class each day for SSR.

Extra Credit opportunity: Choose an issue you feel strongly about and create a cartoon to express your opinion about the subject. Your cartoon should try to persuade other people to share your thoughts and opinions about the subject.

Week of 10-3-16
This week our reading focus will continue to explore natural disasters, but in fictional settings. Our objectives will be Point of View and Problem and Solution. The story we will use to further our understanding of  natural disasters and their impact on societies is also an excerpt. The excerpt for this week's reading is "The Big Wave," by Pearl S Buck which can also be accessed in the Files and Documents section of this site. Our purpose will be to understand how the two friends solve the problem of losing their village to a Tsunami. SOL Objectives 7.5 a,k,l; 7.6a.

We will also continue our SSR program this week. It was very successful last week. I believe the students enjoyed the time to read what interests them. 

We will also begin working in Unit 4 of our Vocabulary Workshop books.7.4b,c; 7.8h

Week of 9-26-16
This week we will begin Workshop 3, Part 2. The first story we will read is a novel excerpt from "Storm in the Night." It will focus on fiction, setting, character, plot, and theme. 

It is also the students class Library Check-out on Tuesday. The students will have an opportunity to check-out a book, as we begin our SSR (Silent Sustained Reading) program during the first 10 minutes of class on Tuesdays and Thursday. Please ask your student what book he/she is reading. To support our SSR program, the students will also have two short readings with 4 multiple choice answers due on Fridays.

This week will also be a review week for vocabulary Units 1-3.
Week of 9-19-16
This week we will be studying Problem Solution , Cause and Effect, and Text Features as we continue to read the magazine article "Get Inside the Tornado," and examine the Infographic "Earth's Greatest Hits" using visuals, labels, and captions detailing the tallest, deadliest, and most expensive disasters on record. As we finish the end of Section 1 in Workshop 3, the students will complete their 1st IB assignment to create a Bar Graph showing the 5 costliest U.S. tornadoes since 1950.     

Welcome to 7th grade Language Arts. This year we will explore fiction, nonfiction, and poetry. Our focus will be on how character development, setting, and conflict interact to create a story in the various genres.