Mr. Dimino

Welcome to Room 51 at Beville Middle School.  We will be working hard with your child on their IEP goals and on their academics.  I have been a Special Education teacher for over  10  years now and in Special Education field 15 years now and I have a long time teacher assistant named Jessica Taplin.  We will follow a class picture schedule that we will provide and let you know the general times that any related services will be coming.    Please find the opportunity to let your child read to you or you read to the child. Please work with your child also in clearly answer yes or no questions as it is important to find ways for your child to clearly communicate their wants and needs.  We look forward to a very cooperative and productive year. We cannot wait to see your child grow during this school year. 

UPDATE: All PWCS School buildings are currently closed due to COVID-19 for most students depending on what was filled out on the return to learn survey and their IEP. Keep up to date by visiting the Prince William County Public School website and the Beville Middle School Website for the most up to date information.   To keep up with the continuity of learning I have uploaded under Homework tab different items that can be used at home to practice the students skills and also under useful links some links to places that can also help with the students practicing their skills.  Please visit the school website and Prince William County  Schools website  for up to date information as well as the other forms of communication you signed up for.