It's hard to believe that the 2019-2020 School year is almost at an end. What a memorable year it has been. We  had our last class meeting on Tuesday, 06/09/2020. It was wonderful to see so many students and to have our special guests Ms. Pope, Ms. Mainey, Ms Stephenson, and Ms. Coltharp. 

I hope everyone has a fun-filled and relaxing Summer. For those of you who are returning, I look forward to seeing you in our new classroom next school year. We are moving to Workroom 1 now known as class room 2015. 

Goodbye to the 8th graders Sam, Kenton, Nicholas, and Michaelangelo. Good luck in High School and I hope you remember your days at Beville in a happy way. 

I am sending Hugs and High 5's to everyone of you. 
Take care and stay healthy,
Mrs. Thurston 

If you send me a message I will try to answer as soon as possible but you may have to wait until my office hours, before I get a chance to reply. 

 - My office hours are Thursday 12:00 to 1:30 p.m.
 - My email address is 

*Office hours end for this school year 06-12-2020.
    If you have suggestions for a site you want me to add to the websites listed below, please tell me about it and send me the link. I might just add it to the list. :-D


Here are some websites you can use
 for fun or to work on academic skills.

IXL - online learning

Math, Language Arts, Science, and Social Studies

The link to the IXL Website is https://www.ixl.com

We use this sight in our classroom 2 to 3 times a week. All are familiar with how it works. Students have sign on information and passwords stapled on the first page of their agendas.

Please note: if you start at the google web browser, type in IXL Beville and click on the link for Beville IXL sign on it goes directly to the sign on page with @bevillemiddle already filled in

Username: lunch#@bevillemiddle

lunch # = lunch number = student id number

(Ex. 123456@bevillemiddle)

Password: bobcat43

All students in my classroom have the same password.

Students can use the diagnostics to figure out the level they should be working at. IXL is aligned to the Virginia Standards.




Brain Pop

The link to the BrainPop website is http://www.brainpop.com/

BrainPop and BrainPop Jr. are sights full of videos and activities for learning. The animated curricular content engages students and bolsters achievement.

We use BrainPop Jr. and BrainPop often in class. Students love the Pop a Joke feature on BrainPop Jr.

To move between the two site levels click on the arrow near the robot head at the top of the page. It will give you choices to click on.

Username: beville

Password: poplearn01



The link to the GoNoodle website is: https://app.gonoodle.com/

GoNoodle® engages kids every day with movement and mindfulness videos created by child development experts.

Available for free at school and home.

We use this app daily as part of our morning routine to start the day.



The link to Quizzizz is: https://quizizz.com/

Engage everyone, everywhere.

Learn anything on any device, in-person or remotely.

Students have fun and can compete with others online answering questions on just about any topic. They can even create their own quizzizz.

Scholastic Learn At Home

The link to Scholastic site is:  https://classroommagazines.scholastic.com/support/learnathome/grades-1-2.html

This Scholastic Learn at Home classroom magazine is free and does not require a sign on.
- The stories and articles are offered at two different reading levels
- They are high interest, fun topics.
- There are short stories included in each week.
- Stories are offered with text to speech for read aloud.

Read Theory

The link to Read Theory is: https://readtheory.org/

Personalized reading

comprehension exercises for K-12 and ESL students.

This is another sight we use in our classroom. Students have their log in information on the first page of their agendas.