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Welcome to Mr. Young's 7th grade U.S. History class page!

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“Files and Documents”

Each unit that has been covered will have an updated file folder under “Files and Documents”. Units 01 through 08 were covered this school year. Assignments and other activities for each unit are in the folders. 00 is a folder of resources related to our course standards. There is also a literature list that follows our course curriculum!

Pacing We began the year covering the Reconstruction era that followed the Civil War and finished our time together covering the Great Depression. The next units covered standards with topics like the New Deal, how the U.S. became involved in World War II, the Civil Rights Movement and many other very important events related to modern United States history.

Standards covered before March 13th (3a – 6d)


3a) Civil War Amendments and their impact (emphasis on Civics and Economics)

3b) Impact of Reconstruction on South

3c) Legacies of Lincoln, Lee & Douglass

4c) Post-Reconstruction Segregation and Jim Crow

Westward Movement

2c) Locating the 50 States and Important Cities

2a) Geographical Influences on Westward Movement

4a) Reasons for Westward Expansion


2b) Industrial Development After 1865

4b) Industrialization Reasons & Challenges

4c) Post-Reconstruction Segregation and Jim Crow

4d) Rise of Big Business & Life on farms

4e) Impact of Progressive Movement

Changing Role of US Through WWI

5a) Reasons & Results of Spanish American War

5b) Roosevelt’s Impact on Foreign Policy

5c) US in WWI

Boom and Bust

6a) Technology Changes American Life

6b) Social and Economic Changes

6c) Arts in the 1920s & 1930s

6d) Causes/Impact of the Great Depression & New Deal

Standards Left to Cover (6d -9d)

6d) Causes/Impact of the Great Depression & New Deal

World War II

7a) Events Leading US into WWII

7b) Events & Turning Points of WWII

7c) WWII & the Homefront

Cold War Foreign Policy Post WWII

8a) Rebuilding after WWII

8c) Role of US in the Cold War

Cold War Domestic Economic and Social Transformation

8b) Conversion to Peacetime Economy

8d) Changing Patterns in Society

9a) Civil Rights Movement, ADA, and Changing role of women

Post WWII American Economic Issues

8e) Impact of International Trade on US

9b) Impact of New Technologies

9c) Influential Americans

9d) American Foreign Policy, Immigration, Global Environment, and Other Issues

If you are interested in any of the topics covered during the school year, or any that weren’t covered, feel free to find some activities on your own! Below is a list of available activities that you could do on your own!

  • Read the online textbook!
  • IXL (Social studies modules!! So many topics!)
  • Youtube – Crash Course, Oversimplified, Hip Hughes History
  • Review games listed below!