Updates from Ms. Sharper (resources)

Confident Parents Confident Kids: 

Link to Confident Parents Confident Kids

Telehealth Behavioral Health Services:

Link to Telehealth Behavioral Health Services

Online Therapy - Healthy Minds Therapy

Link to Online Therapy - Healthy Minds Therapy


Update 8 LA for week of 3/30-4/3

Here are three videos that deal with the objectives listed for review. View these prior to going to the activities.

Link to You Tube video on Synonyms for kids

Link to You Tube video Connotative vs. Denotative

Link to video Flocabulary Context Clues


These are the links to some websites that have resources for Middle School Language Art students. I hope that if you have extra time, you will stop by and browse through them. 

Estos son algunos enlaces para algunas páginas web para la clase de Inglés de escuela media. Espero que si tienes tiempo de sobra, que te pasarás por estas páginas y echarás un vistazo.

For the Language Arts students/Para los estudiantes de Inglés:

Link to Beville IXL

Link to Read Write Think

Link to Read Work

Link to CommonLit-Free Reading Passages and Reading Resources

More pages for all content/Más páginas para otras asignaturas:

Link to newsela
Link to Read Write Think
Link to rewordify
Link to childrenslibrary
Link to culturegrams
Username: princewm (on non-county technology: princewmr) Password: county
Link to Unite for Literacy

For all LEP students/Para los estudiantes de inglés como segundo idioma:

Link to hello-world

Link to Breaking News English

Link to esl-lab

For our Spanish speakers/Para los estudiantes que hablan español:

Link to The Spanish experiment