: Practice, practice, and practice some more.  
For ReadTheory you have an account set up.  I have given you your login information and you entered it into your agenda.  If you have lost your agenda or can't remember your information, email me. You have used IXL for many of your content classes and for Reading Strategies.  You your same login information and practice, practice, and practice some more anything Language Arts related.  You will find that the more you practice the more you will increase your reading level.
**To practice English/LA reading strategies, go to "Sixth" grade and Language Arts.  Choose a topic to practice.  If you are in one of my Extended Language Arts classes, you may choose to start practicing "Seventh" grade strategies to improve upon what you already have mastered.

NoRedInk: For this website you will need to create an account.  This is a writing website and I encourage you to try it out.  If you have trouble creating an account, email me.

Goodreads:  If you are struggling with what to read and needs some ideas, go to Good Reads and there you will find books you want to read and "bookshelf" books to read later.  The site has book giveaways.  

NayaReadsandSmiles - NayaReadsandSmiles is a reading blog.  Naya reads YA fiction and nonfiction books and blogs about them.  On occasion she will show you her personal book shelf and explain to you why she has chosen certain books.  Her love of reading is displayed with an enthusiastic attitude.  Check her out on Good Reads or YouTube.

BrainPops: Go to your Office 365 page and then to Clever.  You will see the district app - scroll down to the second BrainPop icon.  Practice anything you would like on here - especially grammar.

Duolingo:  www. or get the app from the app store (this is something fun to help you with your language skills)

Newsela: or you can get it from the app store ( this website has Newsela student)  Quizzes and articles are also in Spanish.  Newsela offers articles to read on various topics and current events.  It also allows you to adjust your reading level, annotate (my favorite thing) and write responses both online and off, practice vocabulary words and so much more.  This app will enable you to find moments of rest and solitude.