*Frequently Asked Questions*

Who are the Library Staff members?

Mrs. Fleming, Librarian
Ms. Miller, Librarian

How can I get books online?
There are many sources for FREE e-books online!  We outline the best sources in the Canvas module titled Virtual Learning: Reading at Home.

When is the library open?

We are open 8am-2:50 pm every school day. 

Virtual resources such as databases, the library catalog, the library Canvas course, and external sites that offer free E-books are available 24/7.

When can I come to the library with a pass?

ou can come anytime during the school day with a pass from your teacher or with a pass from an administrator during lunch (after you have eaten).   Please remember to keep an eye on the clock so that you aren't late for your next class!

Can I come to the library after school?

You may come to  After School @ Your Library almost every Tuesday until 5:00pm. There is an activity bus that leaves Beville around 5:15 or you may leave earlier if you have a ride.  You *must* have a signed permission slip to stay (found in the library documents).  Please remember that you need to have a new permission slip *each* time that you stay.
How many books may I check out?

You may take out up to 3 books or 1 magazine and 2 books.

How long may I keep materials?

Materials are due 2 weeks after you've checked them out.  However, if you aren't finished with them, you may renew them for 2 more weeks.  If they are not on hold for someone else, you may renew as often as you wish.

What happens if I lose a book?

If you lose a book, you need to pay for the cost of the book .  If you find the book within the same school year, please return it to the library and we will refund your money.

What if another student has checked out a book that I would like to read?

You may put as many books on hold as you wish.  Just tell us which book(s) that you'd like to put on hold and we'll put you on the wait list.  As soon as the book is available, we will send you a note to let you know via your language arts teacher.  You have 3 days to come to the library to get your book before we move to the next person on the wait list.

May I eat or chew gum in the library?