Summer break is exciting, but there are also days when you don't know what to do. Here are a few ideas to stay French fit on summer days when you are bored:

Bonnes vacances!

Mme Sharova

 Virginia Foreign Language Standards of Learning: Modern World Languages Roman-Alphabet, Level 1

 Interpersonal Communication

WI.1  The student will exchange simple spoken and written information in the target language.

WI.2  The student will sustain brief oral and written exchanges in the target language, using familiar phrases and sentences.

 Interpretive Communication: Listening and Reading for Understanding

WI.3 The student will understand simple spoken and written target language presented through a variety of media and based on familiar topics.

WI.4  The student will use verbal and nonverbal cues to understand simple spoken and written messages in the target language.

 Presentational Communication: Speaking and Writing

WI.5  The student will present information orally and in writing in the target language, using a variety of familiar vocabulary, phrases, and structural patterns.

WI.6  The student will present rehearsed material in the target language, including brief narratives, monologues, dialogues, poetry, and songs.

 Cultural Perspectives, Practices, and Products

WI.7  The student will develop an awareness of common perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures in which the target language is spoken.

WI.8  The student will recognize that perspectives, practices, and products of the cultures studied are interrelated.

 Making Connections through Language

WI.9  The student will connect information about the target language and culture(s) with concepts studied in other subject areas.

 Linguistic and Cultural Comparisons

WI.10  The student will compare basic elements of the target language to those of English and other languages.

WI.11  The student will demonstrate understanding of the significance of culture through comparisons between the cultures studied and the cultures of the United States.

 Interacting in School and Global Communities

WI.12  The student will explore situations in which to use target-language skills and cultural knowledge beyond the classroom setting for recreational, educational, and occupational purposes.