HAPPY NEW DAY Golden Scholars!
Here, on my teacher page, you will find lots of USEFUL information to help you navigate in and around this NEW system called Virtual- Schoolhouse Learning. Take as much time as you need when going thru all of the information. It is simply here to help you make it to JUNE 12th, the last day of school, without adding any additional stress, frustration, or worries you may possibly have or gain along the way. 

Wecan achieve each of our academic Gold Standard Activities... one interactive lesson at a time Ready… Set… Breath… 
“We are ALL in this TOGETHER”!

Mrs. Esther Colley, Ed.S.


6th grade Language Arts Virtual At-Home Learning

Instruction Day & Time:
Mondays from 9:00-10:30 am

Office Hours Day & Time: 
Wednesdays from 12:00-1:30 pm

Making Sense of Home Learning: Current PWCS Information:

For more current and up to date information on ACCESS to Free Wi-Fi, Continuity of Learning, Grading, Special Education, and other learning resources, go to:
Link to PWCS Continuity of Learning

ACCESS to Free WI-FI: 7 PWCS schools designated as free Wi-Fi parking lot sites for

  1. Fitzgerald Elementary School- Benita Fitzgerald Drive, Woodbridge

  2. Forest Park High School- Forest Park Drive, Woodbridge

  3. John D. Jenkins Elementary School- Prince William Parkway, Woodbridge

  4. Mullen Elementary School- Rodes Drive, Manassas

  5. Old Bridge Elementary School- Old Bridge Road, Woodbridge

  6. Parkside Middle School- Mathis Avenue, Manassas

  7. T. Clay Wood Elementary School- Kettle Run Road, Nokesville

Golden Scholars, Don’t Forget…

BVMS- School News of the Week: 

Participation & ALL assignments are optional... there is NO grade penalty for not participating.

•  Upcoming class sessions: Mon.-May 11th, 18th June 1st & 8th .

•  No Language Arts Monday class on May 25th  Memorial Day

Our School Psychologist's office Hours: Mon. & Thur. 2-3 pm

(Ms. Mallory Smith)

The 3rd Quarter ended on April 24th. Report Cards will be available in the HUB by May 5th.

(FYI: Marking Periods 1, 2, and 3 will be graded. The sum of the grade for each of the three quarters will be divided by three to determine the final grade.)

June 12th is the last day of the 2019-2020 school year.

•   Students can reset their PWCS password on their own.

Go to: Link to PWCS toolbox Student Password Reset

 Golden Scholars, Don’t Forget…

Try something new & different today. Check-out these fun educational websites! I think you will agree that they are.... AWESOME!


Links & Resources to Support At-Home Learning:

The following links below are provided to support you with at-home, fun-filled, and exciting supplemental resources to extend previously taught lessons.  

Link to IXL       

 Link to PBS Kids       

 Link to Worldbook Online
Link to Clever ABC Mouse  

Link to Storyline Online        

Link to Kids National Geographic

Link to Unite For Literacy       

Link to Highlights Kids

Link to Download Literactive Stories

Link to ABC YA         

Link to Read Works

Link to Kahoot Homepage          

Link to Read Theory

        Link to Flocabulary

Office365: Home of Outlook, Teams, Clever, and many more.  Students can access many of the fun links listed by logging into their student PWCS  office365.edu link using their PWCS email and password. 

StudentVue: Using their school email and password, students can access their StudentVue account at this website - 

Link to StudentVue Account Access  

Password Reset: Student can use this website to reset their password (covers StudentVue and Office365)
Link to PWCS Student Password Reset

How to get to your PWCS approved links:

  1. Go to the Beville Student webpage: Link to Beville Middle School's Homepage  
  2. Locate SHORT CUTS
  3. Click on OFFICE 365
  4. Log into your CLEVER account to access the following:
  • IXL
  • Brain Pop
  • Emails
  • Edmodo

This You Tube link will walk you thru the Logging in process for CLEVER using Office 365. Check it OUT Golden Scholar!
Link to a YouTube How to Log into CLEVER video

Instructional Calendar:

The information below denotes previously taught SOL standards/objectives for S.Y. 2019-2020 (September - March 13th)
We are ALL in this Together!!!

SOL 6.1 a-j: The student will use effective oral communication skills in a variety of settings.

(Listen and work actively, respectfully, and collaboratively; summarize and analyze contributions)

SOL 6.4 a-f: The student will read and learn the meanings of unfamiliar words and phrases within authentic texts.

(Expand vocabulary using: roots, cognates, affixes, synonyms/antonyms, context clues, figurative language, and reference materials)

SOL 6.5 a-k: The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of fictional texts, narrative nonfiction, and poetry.

(Elements of fiction: genre, setting, character development, plot, conflict, resolution, theme, point of view. Author's use of word choice, figurative language, and imagery. Organizational patterns: cause and effect, compare/contrast. Make predictions, inferences, and conclusions. Use reading strategies)

SOL 6.6 a-k: The student will read and demonstrate comprehension of a variety of nonfiction texts.

(Author's use of text features: type, heading, graphics, and organizational patterns and signal words. Summarize main idea and supporting details. Make inferences, draw conclusions, analyze ideas, and provide textual evidence. Use reading strategies)

SOL 6.7 a,l: The student will write in a variety of forms to include narrative, expository, persuasive, and reflective with an emphasis on narrative and reflective writing.

(Use writing process, revise for clarity)

SOL 6.8 The student will self- and peer-edit writing for capitalization, punctuation, spelling, sentence structure, paragraphing, and Standard English.

(Provide learners with various (pre-identified or self-created) writing prompts to advance their handwriting and essay development skill-set.)



At-Home Supportive Guidance/Directions & Resources for Previously Taught Class Assignments:
The following links, files and/or documents are all resources that have been used during the instructional school year; between September & March 13, 2020. These assignments will NOT be assigned a grade; therefore, they do NOT need to be submitted.
My instructional hour for the duration of this school year will now be every Monday from 9:00-10:30 am. You are welcome to listen and complete your assignments that have been updated weekly. (I will send out a gentle reminder email the night before to support your (non-mandatory) attendance.
My Office hours are now every Wednesday from 12:00-1:30 pm. Feel free to email me your questions.

Remember....We are ALL in this Together!!!  😊
<--------------- Go to "Files & Documents" (Located on the left-side under Mrs. E. Colley) for Class assignments, Power-Points, Worksheets, Websites, YouTube clips, & Other Docs you can use to participate in our Virtual Schoolhouse learning.  

A Message From your BVMS Librarians:

From Miss. Miller, Mrs. Fleming & Ms. Martinez

Hi All!

There are so many free resources right now, but when we find one that is exceptional, we want to share it with you.  Mackin, our library book distributor, has announced that thousands of multi-user e-books are now available online, free for all PWCS students and staff.

These books are both non-fiction and fiction titles that cover every topic in our curriculum.  Since they are multi-user, all of your students may use them without limits.  In addition, most (if not all) have the read aloud feature, which we know is very helpful to struggling readers.  There are two components to the free book program:

~ Publishers Say Yes! program. Mackin is now offering thousands of free multi-user eBooks from many of our generous publishing partners. These titles are available through September 30, 2020. These include:

  • 4500+ Elementary School Titles

  • 3000+ Middle School Titles

  • 1500+ High School Titles

    Most of these are non-fiction texts.

~ Free multi-user Mackin Classics- These titles are available through  12/30/20. These include:

  • 300+ Elementary School Classics
  • 300+ Middle School Classics
  • 600+ High School Classics    

To access the books in either component of the program use this link: Link to PWCS Mackin Multi-User Online e-Books  

The username is the first part of your Office 365 username, without the @ extension.  The password is your normal Office 365 password.  The same goes for students.  

Please take a look at what they have.  If you need a resource on a specific topic or for a specific lesson, let us know!


Miss Miller, Mrs. Fleming, Ms. Martinez

Your Librarians