The following links provide resources to practice and stay mentally engaged. Currently I've separated the links by "Language Arts" and "Math". Hopefully you have some time to look through these links and find some items of interest and help.

Useful Resources

Websites to Review Standards Covered


Language Arts Grades 6th-8th

Clever: Numerous links to approved BVMS/PWCS websites

Read theory: Reading practice to raise your reading level
* You should have your passwords 

Log in and then start reading. Answer the questions correctly to increase the Lexile reading level you are given.


IXL: Practice English reading strategies, writing strategies, vocabulary, and grammar. Choose appropriate grade level and either "Language Arts" or "Virginia SOL," then choose a topic to review.


Flocabulary: Variety of standards presented in an upbeat fashion.


Merriam-Webster Dictionary - Online dictionary provides definitions, parts of speech, synonyms and will even pronounce the word for you.

Link to “Time for Kids” is giving free access to four grade-specific digital editions of Time for Kids and Your $ financial literacy magazine.  Worksheets and quizzes are also available.

The Prince William Public Libraries are also closed, but you can use the following link to access the digital library whether or not you have a library card.

Parents can find optional daily schedules by grade level and optional learning links/digital resources by grade level. Link to PWCS Distance Learning.


These resources are being made available for parents by the Virginia Department of Education. Link to VDOE Covid-19: A parent Guide for School-Aged Children.


Math Grades 6th & 7th

Link to Clever: Numerous links to approved BVMS/PWCS websites

Link to IXL: Practice of all Math Standards. Choose appropriate grade level and either “Math" or "Virginia SOL," then choose a topic to review.

Link to Brain Pop: Number of Math Standards to review and practice.


Link to Mathantics: Instructional videos explaining math objectives in an engaging and visual manner.

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